Palscity Affiliates Academy

Palscity is a Social Media site that rewards content creators as they use it. We seek to create a City of Friends where they can Connect, Share & Discover Opportunities nearby. Palscity has created a wallet that allows you to among other things Save, Borrow, Invest and Grow called Palscity Sacco. This is a paperless Sacco where members pool resources together for different goals.

How can I join Palscity? Does it have a Mobile App

Its easy and free, Visit or download our mobile App now create an account or login to access Palscity. After Joining Palscity you become a “Palscitian” and now belong to the #WeThePalscitians tribe.

How can I join Palscity Sacco?

To join the sacco, Dial *533*48# to access your account area, dial *533*48#. Alternatively register on Palscity or log into your account. You can also visit our Sacco website CLick here to visit Palscity Sacco Website. The Sacco is open for all but optional to those who would like to join. Once on Palscity, go to the menu then visit “Sacco” tab or simply go to your “Wallet” then Sacco. Click the “Register” button and pay KShs. 500 registration fee then buy at least 200 shares in 4 months. Each share is KShs. 10. You can now Save a minimum of KShs. 500 monthly. After 6 months you can borrow 3 times your savings. You also earn dividends at the end of the year. Your guarantors are your followers.

What are some of the Top Features of Palscity?

Palscity has 49 top features. Top include News Feeds, Points, Affiliates, Referrals, Wallet, Trending, Sacco, Pages, Groups, Marketplace, Chat, Group Chat, Albums, Chat, Advertise, Blog, Forum, Album, Memories, Explore, Friends Nearby, Stores Nearby, Pro Membership, Funding, Event, Jobs, Games, Offers, Movies, Games, Find Friends, Polls, Stories, etc

How can I make money on Palscity?

You do not pay to become a Palscity Affiliate. Its free for all. Since Palscity rewards those who use it, you can make money through:

1. Points – Earn points when you post, like, comment, blog. Must be quality and engaging content. 1,000 points = 1USD or Kshs. 100. You can monitor your points on the Points menu.

2. Affiliates – This is the fastest way of making money on Palscity. Go to the Affiliates page and pick your Affiliates referral link. Share widely. Anyone who joins with your link you earn Kshs. 10 per referral.

You can always see your referrals in real time.

3. #BeatPalscityCEO – Earn Kshs. 1,000 every end month if your referrals are more than referrals by the CEO marked by the red mark. You can always track in real time here and see:

4. Earn On Pro Membership – Earn 20% of the pro membership package chosen by the person you refer every time they upgrade to pro user. Pro users have a higher daily points linmit of 5,000 points while free users have 1,000 daily limit plus hourly limits.

5. Earn on Sacco Referral: When your referred user join a Sacco, you can claim Kshs. 20% of their membership FEE paid.

6. Earn On Partner Services: - Check our partners page and earn based on the percentages the Partners offer.

7. Earn On DFT News: - Write good SEO related articles on Palscity they will be reflected on DFT News where you earn 100ksh per 1000 views.

Whats are some of the Tips and Ideas to Quickly Grow Your Referrals:

a. Always don’t lie to the users. Share what they will gain when they join Palscity. e.g. Our own, promoting local, points you earn, referrals, the paid screenshots, the sacco, the marketplace, other features.

b. If you belong to a group of people eg a whatsapp group, a class, chama, family, workmates, you can explain and educate them about Palscity then ask them to all join with your link.

c. Using and inviting people from whatsapp groups, telegram groups, facebook groups etc

d. Starting your own channels (facebook groups, telegram channels, whatsapp groups) where you have full control of members, doing a meeting with them.

e. Using tools like WhatsApp blaster costs Kshs. 7,500 discounted to members. Using it to invite members. Speak to us on for ideas on contacts and setup.

Sending SMS messages to your contacts using SMSes or Bulk SMS system

f. Write blogs on Palscity or posts then share with people to read. Each post, include your referral link. On the post, click the arrow facing down at the Top right, then “Open Post in New Tab” then open and take the link eg "" remove the characters after the digits eg "" (this is a short url/link) now got to your Referral/Affiliates link eg "" pick from where the question Mark is eg “?ref=palscity” now add this to the link above to make it "" – This is what you share, all referrals with it you earn.

g. Organising a group of people or an event or activity or a club in the University and asking Palscity to come and sponsor it and at the end you get referrals through the event.

Starting a youtube channel or vlog and doing Palscity review videos and vlogs and putting your referral link at the comment section while in the video asking them to using the link on the comment section.

How can I withdraw money from Palscity?

The minimum withdrawal limit is Kshs. 500. Go to your withdrawal page and see how much you have made from both points nd referrals which are now all tabulated.

Once you place a withdrawal request, its sent for approval. Approvals are done every 15th and 1st of the month. A payment can either be:

a) Approved – Means payment is approved, no issue detected. Money is sent to your wallet where you can now cash it or use it to different things. Payments can also be approved with an Amnesty where an issue was detected but an Amnesty amount is applied based on the weight of the issue.

b) Declined – An issue is detected that needs you to correct and apply again.

c) Disputed – Means there is an issue or mistake but its grave and it cannot be paddoned. You loose all the money. However you can start afresh. This includes, posting money making sites, fake users etc.

Remember every time you request for money, you should have atleast 10 referrals.

What about people from other Countries?

Palscity is used by people alloover the world. However, we currently do not have payment Partners to countries outside East Africa. However, Affiliates from those areas are advised to accumulate more dollars on their accounts after which they can be manually paid via bank, paypal etc. This minimum is USD 100. Remember you can also use your money on the wallet for other things.

What can make my payments be decline on Palscity?

Even though we reward you for helping us grow Palscity, the following are ways in which you will be penalized and in some cases blocked from the system completely. We, therefore, urge all to play clean and maintain honesty. The following are some of the bad practices/malpractices.

a) Faking users during referral: eg no existent users, personal users creation of fake users, all your users not active since they join, users not activated, consistent users with no profiles, IP address, Proxys, IP swap, IP hide, etc.

b) Spamming posts eg any repeated posts, posting numbers or short sentences with a view to earning, consistent emojis, etc

c) Marketing Posts eg any post that is purely for marketing another brand is allowed but excluded during the withdrawal stage. We only pay for good content. Be human, post engaging content.

d) Consistent reaction: eg an account that repeatedly reacts to posts with a view to growing points is considered spamming. Be human - we reward you over time.

e) Unreal reactions and comments: Comments and reactions done repeatedly is considered spamming and not real / not organic.

f) Referrals outside Targeted niche – When majority of your referrals come from outside your neighboring or bordering countries. Based on our plan, we expect a user to refer from their country or neighboring countries. A few cases of spillover can be accepted though. They will simply be excluded but you still earn.

I am referring users but cannot see them add to my money?

This can happen due to many reasons. The first thing you need to do is to check in the "Explore Friends" menu and see if the people really joined the platform. If you can scroll and not see them then know they are yet to join. But if you can see them on your referrals page, then its means they are already visible on the withdrawal balance.

Sometimes these people can end up joining but they are not seen as your affiliates under the following conditions:

a. You referred them, but due to their curiosity they left the referral link and starting searching about Palscity or their browser or using another gadget or manually typing on the URL then they signup. They will not count as your affiliate since they will then join without directly using your affiliates.

b. The user has not visited the website before (NEVER). If they already visited the website before, it means they have the 1st refers cookie still active. Remember if they also visit the website and not signup and later on join using another person's link then you will be counted as the first referrer’s and earn.

c. The use must have a Unique IP address.

Can you tell me more on how Palscity Wallet works?

Once Affiliates money is approved, its sent to the wallet. The wallet features include:

a) Top Up: Send money to the wallet using MPESA and other payment modes

b) Withdraw: Withdraw money in cash. Withdrawal limit is Kshs. 500 and a 5% transaction FEE is applied. You can always topup the percentage and withdraw if your exact money on the wallet is Kshs. 500 or less than the 5% on top.

c)Transfer: You can transfer money to another person on Palscity so long as you know their handle. Transfers within Palscity is FREE

d) Advertise: You can use the money to advertise on Palscity. Use the Advertise buton and create the right targeting then run your ads here.

e) Upgrade: You can upgrade to a pro user to have more affiliates daily limits and also to enjoy other pro features based on the package – See upgrade options here

f) Make Money: This page gives you all the ways to make money using Palscity. Its also has real time stats on how much money and points you accumulate.

g) Pay Bills: (coming soon) – You will be able to pay bills eg water, electricity, buy bundles, buy credit, pay DSTV, pay internet etc.

h) Sacco: Save on the Sacco, borrow and grow.

i) Fundraise: Use the money on your wallet to fundraise for a course or help someone in need.

j) Buy/Marketplace: Use the money in your wallet to purchase products on the Marketplace.

k) Foundation: Be part of change ambassadors giving back to the society visit

How does Palscity make Money to support the Affiliates?

We have put enough checks to ensure the money we receive we use it well to reward those who help us grow Palscity and reward good content. We make money through the following ways:

a. Partners Ads – When users make it a bit to visit the website frequently, clicks on the Partner ads on the website we are paid by the Partners.

b. Pro membership - to get the best out of Palscity, we urge members to pick a pro membership package to share their expertise wide and be found. Click here to get started and support us.

c. Advertisement - when you advertise your brand and business on Palscity you win big and through that, we get money to Pay Affiliates. Click here to Advertise

d. Sacco - By joining Palscity Sacco, we get you connected to like-minded people to Network and Get into Mentorship sessions.

What about if I need some help?

Check our help center or chat us live on or email or on hello [@] palscity [.] com | We do not encourage Affiliates making calls. See WhatsApp groups created to Support our Affiliates under the points area.