Have you ever wondered why you see those adverts that say: “Buy now at 40 percent discount. Offer valid for 7 days only!” ?


Have you ever wondered why you see those adverts that say: “Buy now at 40 percent discount. Offer valid for 7 days only!” ?


Procrastination is one of our oldest habits and a fundamental part of human nature.


Even when people see something they like, they may likely not buy it now and will most likely prefer to wait for later.


The longer they wait, the lesser the likelihood that they will still remember or even buy your product at all.


Because people are likely to postpone a buying decision, they often need to be encouraged to take action and buy now.


By creating a sense of urgency to buy your product or service, customers have a reason to make a decision immediately and reach out for their wallets.


When you use hurry as a sales strategy, you also create an impression of scarcity for your products. Nobody likes to miss out on a good offer. Almost everybody likes to take advantage of a discount to enjoy a product or service at a lower and cheaper price.


Nevertheless, there are a few ways to use the ‘hurry’ strategy to achieve the greatest effect. Here are a couple of ideas.


*At start up* – Hurry is an effective way to create awareness about a new business and start making sales as soon as possible.


A friend of mine who opened a hair and beauty salon in September 2012 successfully used this sales strategy to attract customers to her business. 


After the shop opened, she offered free hair services, manicure and pedicure for 7 days only. 


Of course, a lot of people came to enjoy the free stuff. That single offer attracted most of her first clients who still remain loyal until today.


*New product launch* – If you are already in business but have just introduced a new product or service to the market, the hurry sales strategy would also work well for you.


Offering the product for free or at an attractive discount for a fixed number of days will give your customers an opportunity to try out the product. If they like it, they will still keep buying even after the deadline for the promotion has expired.


A good point you should keep in mind is that you should always use the hurry strategy with a fixed (short) deadline. Why would anyone hurry to buy if the discount is permanent?


You should also make sure that you’re not being too pushy. The aim of using the hurry tactic is to encourage people to make a quick decision to buy from you rather than procrastinate. 


When you are pushy, most people become defensive and may just never buy from you again. You just need to be cautious when you use the hurry tactic on customer's

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