RIP: Expectant Mother Killed By Former Lover At Midnight.

A village is mourning the death of a 27 year old woman killed under unclear circumstances.

Jane Nduta a second time mother, expecting a second child in two months time succumbed to injuries she sustained during the incident.


According to the reports, police have arrested a ex lover in connection to the death.


Confirming the incident,area police boss Mr Agouti noted that the suspect sexually abused Jane before he went ahead to kill her by hitting her with a blunt object severally.


" The victim died instantly after she was hit on the head and we have arrested a prime suspect who is in our custody and assisting us with investigations" said the police


Speaking to the media,the woman's husband who was away during the incident, revealed that the wife's ex lover had threatened to kill her over unknown issue and their first born daughter identified him when he come to their house.


" My child was able to pinpoint Whoever killed her mother" said the husband.


The husband added that he had lost two souls who are dear to him ,since the wife was pregnant and was scheduled to give birth next month.



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