Love story (Part 1).
Read the story and learn how to love and care your lover

This started when Miguel met a beautiful girl where he was going to be working at the moment

In love there is so much more cute moments and memories can't be forgotten, in this article I will tell you how everyone can carry things in relationships with lover when it comes with circumstances.


It was in the morning like other days when Miguel was in his job in the shop and a new customer came into his shop, that customer was a kind girl he was never seen before in his eyes and he then immediately fell in love with her but he was so shy to talk to her 

That girl was going to be a neighbor in the following restaurant near Miguel shop and that was a good reason to start a relationship with him 

In every morning Miguel took breakfast tea and lunch and dinner also in that same restaurant, the one who served him were the girl there 


In the next article I will tell you how they started to fall in love and how happy were their love

Watch out the next Part 2