(not every game let's player build their character from scratch)

For decades, video game fans had to settle with something designs the builders had given playable characters. Times changed, and soon, creative gamers should change their character's appearance on the other hand they saw fit.


From unlockable skins to changing person items of clothing/armor and even altering the likes of hair and skin color, there are video games that furnish followers an monstrous amount of choice. Even if the recreation does not let gamers create a persona from the floor up, sometimes all gamers need is a little wiggle room to feel engaged in the experience.



10 Grand Theft Auto 5 Presents Unique Options For 3 Main Characters



2013's Grand Theft Auto 5, created by way of Rockstar Games, is one of the biggest video sport releases of all time. Everything from its gripping narrative, and memorable lead/supporting characters, to its epic motion scenes and even quirky (and regularly rude) feel of humor, GTA5 is a resounding success.


When taking manipulate as either Michael, Franklin, or Trevor, one of GTA5's fantastic elements is the capability to combine up their person looks. Fans of Grand Theft Auto 5 can dress the criminal trio in all manner of dashing, drastic, or questionable looks, along with new haircuts and even striking tattoos.


9 The Mass Effect Series Lets Players Shape The Hero




The Mass Effect series commenced in 2007 and allowed gamers to take manage of Commander Shepard in a huge-scale house opera. Not only should the player's choices affect the effect of the story, however they obtained a lot of room to scan with Shephard's personality design.


Everything from Shepard's gender, pores and skin color, hair color and design, and more may want to be tailor-made to go well with whoever used to be protecting the controller, letting fans to join with the iconic character in ways few games allowed. The Mass Effect series grew to become a hit for those who loved having extra manipulate over their gaming experiences.


8 Injustice two Allows For Custom DC Heroes And Villains




The NetherRealm Studios fighter based on DC Comics, Injustice 2, sought to outdo the preceding entry in the series. One important step ahead was once the inclusion of the gear system. This characteristic allowed players to free up new outfit portions for the complete roster that could be used to craft a unique suit with exciting perks.


Some of these gear items had been primarily based on famous looks from decades' worth of comedian story-telling, while others were completely new. Together, these alternatives gave players as a good deal innovative freedom as possible. Coupled with alternate "shaders" for new coloration schemes and strikes to equip, this thought proved a superb addition to the Injustice franchise.


7 Mortal Kombat eleven Mixes Up The Gear System




NetherRealm Studios did not drop the equipment notion after Injustice 2 Instead, it retooled it for their next release, the rather anticipated Mortal Kombat eleven This fresh take on the concept featured several unlockable skins for every member of the roster, with 3 changeable equipment slots.


Like Injustice 2, Mortal Kombat 11 featured new moves to free up alongside with personality intros, outros, and taunts. Along with the main MK11 cast of favorites such as Scorpion, Raiden, and Sub Zero, the game included visitor characters like Robocop, the Joker, and Spawn who should be custom-made to a outstanding degree.


6 Cyberpunk 2077 Includes Extensive Customization, For Better Or Worse




Few video game releases have been as controversial as Cyberpunk 2077. The CD Projekt RED title was once met with considerable bugs and game-breaking issues when it launched in December 2020, but few ought to argue that the game featured marvelous character customization.


Players took manage of V and could trade their gender and actually the whole lot about their physical appearance from hairstyles, eye color, teeth, and more. Some would possibly find this level of manage a little unnecessary, but there may be no denying Cyberpunk 2077 featured one of the most in-depth customizers out there.


5 Saints Row's Customization Is Just As Bonkers As Its Gameplay




Saints Row is a massive sport series created with the aid of Volition that kicked off its chaos in 2006 and still runs to this day. Initially in contrast to the Grand Theft Auto franchise, it would ultimately craft its very own legacy full of wild characters, over-the-top gameplay, and censored elements.


Since its beforehand entries, Saints Row became notable for its cartoonish visual style, bonkers gameplay, and action, which translated properly to the persona customization. There have been fantastically a whole lot no guidelines as the series improved into a full-blown parody of itself and the genre.


4 Mad Max Forces Players To Adapt To The Wasteland




2015's Mad Max, through Avalanche Studios, launched quickly after the smash-hit movie, Mad Max: Fury Road and grew to become well-loved via fans of the movie franchise. It had the whole thing the fan base could've wanted, such as epic car chases, brutal hand-to-hand combat, and a huge open world to explore.


Along with the core gameplay, Mad Max included some confined character customization to higher equip Max and deal with the challenges of the wasteland. Extra armor, lethal knuckle dusters, and some cool face paint all helped the lead anti-hero via this large adventure. Not only that, but his signature vehicle may want to be notably modified for travels across the large map.


3 Tekken 7 Has Some Wacky Customization




Tekken 7, by using Bandai Namco Entertainment, wholly embraced the wacky sense of fun the sequence had become acknowledged for. After all, few different hostilities sport franchises allowed gamers to play as a dinosaur or elderly scientist whilst going up towards ogres and androids.


Tekken 7 introduced as an alternative quirky alternatives for personality customization, such as allowing players to pop electric powered fans on fighters' heads, among other things. Getting the threat to have exciting with some really iconic opponents used to be difficult to pass up for any fans of the genre.


2 God Of War Lets You Give Kratos A Makeover




2018 witnessed a new entry in the beloved God of War franchise, and the recreation proved such a hit that fans eagerly awaited the 2022 follow-up, God of War: Ragnarok. Aside from the epic story, brutal combat, and fantastically touching narrative, the recreation additionally provided some intuitive customization picks for the grumpy protagonist, Kratos.


Players may want to equip new arm braces, body armor, and weapon decals, and even outfit Kratos' young son Atreus with new looks. Players should further accomplice the beauty adjustments with new capabilities and mystical enhancements, permitting players to experience God of War in their own special ways.


1 Predator: Hunting Grounds Introduced Plenty Of Options For The Alien Hunter




Few movie monsters are as iconic and enduring as the Predator, and 2020s Predator: Hunting Grounds by Illfonic used to be the today's in a lengthy line of video sport adaptations. While many of the imposing creatures' outings had been well-received, this most up-to-date title allowed gamers to craft their own Predator and hunt different players online.


The preferences presented in the sport are plentiful, with options to change the Predator's skin color, hair design, armor styles, and a massive array of masks and weapon selections. Beyond that, gamers can create their personal variations of human troopers to fight the alien foe, such as Arnold Schwarzenegger's character. Predator: Hunting Grounds is a must-play trip for fans of the franchise.

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