How to complete online surveys without getting rejected

Complete online surveys without getting rejected with this brief guide

How to complete online surveys without getting rejected


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-Most surveys look for people at the age of 24- 40 yrs so make sure to fix your age in there and find your fixed date of birth that you will be using on your profile and completing surveys.( *Don't enter different ages they'll disqualify you from a survey*) 

- Choose your gender.

- when completing some surveys be attentive there will be some check ups to test wether you're active or just choosing answers e.g Choose 'A' then you choose 'C'

-On the screener questions, when it asks if you work for the following it's almost always none of the above. If the questions seem to be sports related questions for example then answer them like the biggest sports fan out there. Don't speed through them. However if the survey creator didn't seem competent creating there platform you can. Don't waste time on surveys that try to screen you for more than 3 to 4 minutes. -Don't waste a lot of time typing to much info either being in and out as quickly as possible should be the goal. Just stay vigilant. 

- When you see a survey asking about a certain product, pretend to Know it and answer the best you can about the product.

- when they ask you about house hold income choose Moderate income don't choose to much money since they know wealthy people don't spend time on surveys also avoid very low income..just choose income above low.


- Use the details you filled in your profile to complete surveys, don't contradict even when they are fake

- Choose that you're the one that make buying decisions since other surveys would be asking about certain products

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