Medical Camera Depending On The Context, Is Classed As A Sub-Discipline Of Biomedical Engineering, Medical Physics, Or M

Medical Camera is a subset of cameras that are used to record clinical demonstrations of patients, medical and surgical procedures, and medical devices

Although other professionals may train in the Medicinal area, several radiological procedures performed by radiologists are done so without the assistance of a radiographer. Medical Camera, as a scientific research, is classified as a sub-discipline of biomedical engineering, medical physics, or meersicine, depending on the context: Instrumentation, image acquisition (e.g., radiography), modelling, and quantification are typically the domains of biomedical engineering, medical physics, and computer science; research into the application and interpretation of medical images is typically the domain of radiology and the medical sub-discipline relevant to the medical condition or area of medical science (neuroscience, cardiology, psychiatry, psychology, etc.) under investigation.




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