Rwandan and Chinese doctors in collaboration aimed at sharing knowledge

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Rwandan and Chinese doctors have started discussions to see what can be done and how to cooperate so that the deaths of children who die in the country and those of women who die during childbirth would be further reduced.


This cooperation between Rwandan and Chinese doctors started through the Chinese government's program known as "The Belt and Road 'Global Partnership seed fund project'", which aims to cooperate with developing countries. in the field of medicine.

Dr Muhuza Marie Parfaite Uwimana, who is from Rwanda but is currently working on her Master's degree at Women's Hospital, Zhejiang University of School of Medicine and her two colleagues, Gihoho Mutangana Justine and Cyuzuzo Cynthia are some of those who managed to present a good project to work with Rwandan doctors through their project known as "Khiliads".

Khiliads aims to educate and train people about social welfare.

Dr Muhuza Marie Parfaite says that this program will benefit Rwandan doctors because it will support their research and they will have a way to exchange knowledge.'

He said, “This project will support researchers, doctors who want to do research, nurses or medical students. Those who participate in the research will be rewarded through the program.

"There will also be ways to exchange information and knowledge to reduce the number of maternal deaths and child deaths in Rwanda."

On Friday, September 16, 2022, these Chinese doctors held a meeting with their Rwandan colleagues, with the aim of ensuring that the health of the pregnant mother is taken care of and that girls and women are adequately trained on health and reproductive issues.

The team of Chinese doctors consisted of Dr. Xiaohui Zhang, representative of Women's Social Affairs in China, Prof. Jun Zhu, head of women and children's supervision in China and Prof. Qiong Luo is the head of Women's Hospital, Zhejiang University School of Medicine.

That of Rwanda was composed of Prof. Stephen Rulisa, head of the Faculty of Medicine at the University of Rwanda and a doctor at Kigali University Hospital, Kayigema Eugene who works as a midwife at Kanombe Military Hospital, and Dr. Justine Mutangana currently works at Kibagabaga Hospital.

The discussions of these experts focused on seeing how the health of pregnant women in Rwanda is taken care of, but the health of the unborn child.

These Rwandan doctors have shown that even though the country has made good progress in reducing maternal deaths, there is still a problem that there are mothers who die later as a result of severe infection or 'infection' from surgical wounds.

Their friends in China have shown that these are also problems they have faced and that they have been able to overcome them.

It is planned that through this program, 100 pregnant women in Rwanda will be paid for medical care.

In addition to the health of pregnant women, it is planned that these Chinese doctors will train with their colleagues on all other medical topics.

The doctors thanked the Embassy of Rwanda in China for the cooperation it gave them so that this program could be implemented. 


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