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Rong elder brother has not come back, he is a little worried, probably encountered difficulties, see the daughter is learning to speak, he went to the county, find someone to draw a portrait of Rong elder brother, have nothing to teach the daughter to recognize.

Rong elder brother has not come back, he is a little worried, probably encountered difficulties, see the daughter is learning to speak, he went to the county, find someone to draw a portrait of Rong elder brother, have nothing to teach the daughter to recognize. Chang Rong, a tough man of indomitable spirit in Jianghu, immediately became red-eyed when he heard this. Holding Xiao Youyou's hands, he trembled a little. He didn't know what to say for a moment. Little Youyou is very happy in uncle's arms, uncle has a lot of beard on his face! Chapter 60 When Chang Rong was immersed in the moving mood, the little leisurely in his arms had already stretched out his chubby paws with great joy, his black eyes were shining, his face was red, and he was full of excitement. Quyang looked coldly at his daughter's movements, with a bit of banter in his eyes, and did not think of reminding his brother at all. Grab it! Little Youyou grinned with a big smile and pulled hard with her little body and little arm. Chang Rong immediately shivered, came to his senses from his thoughts, bowed his head to the clear and clear eyes of Xiao Youyou, shining, and smiled so happily. Uncle. Xiao Youyou shouted in a milky voice and grinned sweeter. Uncle. A soft, glutinous vocal cavity. At the same time, the right hand clenched into a fist loosened,stainless steel tile trim, and a few black whiskers fell from its claws. Chang Rong Yu Guang saw her small movements, eyes emerged a thick smile, stretched out a rough hand, gently stroked her head twice, to the brother way. This girl is very strange. There is a happy smile in the words, which is warm and soft. Doctor Hu subconsciously touched his chin, did not touch the beard, he just reacted to come over, the beard has been caught by the little grandson,tile profile factory, he laughed happily, self-teasing said. My short beard, let her catch a clean, this girl, do bad things will be shy to smile at you, smile sweet and soft, but also keep shouting. "Just over nine months?" Chang Rong weighed the little girl in his arms. A little pressure on the hand. Quyang asked him to sit in front of the charcoal basin. Wear more clothes, and when you come over in summer, she will wear less clothes, which will be more fun. "Grandpa Hu, sit down." When Chang Rong saw Doctor Hu standing alone, he pointed to the chair next to him and turned his head sideways to his brother. If I can come back, I'll come and stay for half a month. Doctor Hu sat down in front of the charcoal basin, smiled and smiled at his grandson, opened his hands and looked at her lovingly. Little Youyou was held in her arms. The position was not very good. She was bored and struggled to get into Dr. Hu's arms. Encountered difficulties? Qu Yang's expression sank slightly. Chang Rong handed the little girl in his arms to Dr. Hu and moved closer to his brother. It's a little tricky. "When are you leaving?" "Come and see you and leave early tomorrow morning." When Xiao Youyou got into Dr. Hu's arms, she was particularly dishonest. She twisted her little body and wanted to play on the ground. She smiled very well at Xiao Hui and Xiao Hei, metal trim manufacturers ,stainless tile trim, who were lying on the ground, and shouted. Sir. Dr. Hu put his granddaughter on the ground and helped her walk to Xiaohui and Xiaohei. Lying Xiaohei stood up, walked to Xiaoyou's side, lay down, Xiaoyou happily rode on its back, chubby little hands, patted Xiaohei's back. Hei Hei, go. She can command. Doctor Hu was afraid that the little grandson would fall, so he held her armpit all the time and followed Xiaohei, walking slowly and playing in circles in the hall. Quyang and Chang Rong are still speaking softly, the words are not much, more is silent, silent staring at the charcoal basin, the charcoal in the charcoal basin burning very thoroughly, ignited a thin flame, emitting bursts of heat, close, but also can feel a slight burning feeling. Doctor Hu took a glance without a trace and looked down at the smiling face of his grandson. Xiaoyou rode on Xiaohei's back and had a good time. Her giggles floated in the room, which dispelled the silence in the room. The solemn atmosphere seemed to be an illusion, and the air was warm and warm. Ruan Chuxiu carried a bowl of steaming hot dumplings into the room. Her hands were not empty, and she neatly closed the door with her feet. Brother Rong, try this dumpling. I made a lot of dumplings when I was free yesterday afternoon. "It smells good." Chang Rong stood up with a smile and carried hot dumplings with both hands. The younger brother and sister's craftsmanship is getting better and better. ” Ruan Chuxiu sat beside her husband and rubbed her cool hands. The dumpling stuffing was chopped by Ayang and mixed by him, so I made dumplings. Quyang stretched out his hands and held his daughter-in-law's hands in the palm of his hand. Mother! Riding Xiaohei, Youyou was not happy. She pouted and looked at her mother angrily. Her hands were clenched into fists. There is food, so delicious, but there is no share of her! Ruan Chuxiu looked at his daughter in disgust. It's no use calling me. How many teeth do you have? If you want to eat dumplings, you can only think about it now. Youyou did not understand her mother's words, but she understood her mother's eyes, looked pitifully at Dr. Hu, and cried out with grievance. Sir. "Hungry?" Doctor Hu held his granddaughter in his arms and asked gently. Youyou knew what this meant, touched his stomach twice with both hands, shook his head, and grinned happily. Ruan Chuxiu said to Chang Rong. Banyan brother you eat, she, ah, is greedy, but can not eat, small banyan in the stable, I put hay and sweetener beans. Doctor Hu sat beside the charcoal basin with his naughty granddaughter in his arms. Her hands were a little cold, so she had to sit in front of the charcoal basin for a while before playing. Chang Rong is probably hungry, perhaps recently did not eat well, a bowl full of dumplings, a full thirty, even the fresh soup inside, all drank a clean. Are you full? Qu Yang asked. Chang Rong put down the bowls and chopsticks, picked up the tea that had become cold, and took a sip. My stomach is a little full. "There is hot water in the pot." Ruan Chuxiu reminded. Too full, sitting and not wanting to move, Chang Rong answered. I'll be there in a minute. After eating a bowl of hot dumplings, it was really comfortable. He yawned and felt a little sleepy. Quyang said when he saw this. Brother Rong, why don't you go to bed first? The bedding in your room was washed and dried a few days ago when the sun was good,china tile trim, and it was all clean. "Go to bed after taking a bath." If at home, after Chang Rong is full and sleepy, he will lie in bed and have a good sleep.

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