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Kneeling down the jailer looked at Liu Che, see he nodded slightly, just came forward to open the door. Mei Jijiang hugged him early, surprised and uncertain.

Kneeling down the jailer looked at Liu Che, see he nodded slightly, just came forward to open the door. Mei Jijiang hugged him early, surprised and uncertain. Looking at the man outside the prison door, the chamberlains also came into the dungeon. Yang proudly came forward and said, "Your Majesty, it's dark here. Why don't you go up?" "May as well," Liu Che light way, cold black pupil staring at the woman in prison, asked, "I ask you, that day Qinghuan floor came to the stage to perform, in the end is queen Chen or you?" "Queen Chen?" She repeated in surprise, raising her head early in her arms and comforting her with a smile, "Aunt May, it doesn't matter." "Of course it's me." Mei Jijiang trembling way, heard Liu Che behind a man snorted, "Mei girl, you have to think clearly to answer, otherwise committed the crime of deceiving the king, but no one to protect you." "It's the wild goose." She hesitated for a long time, but said. The man sighed and asked, "How did Queen Chen leave?" "The stage of Qing Huan Lou is specially designed." Now that he had made a move, Mei Jijiang's face gradually returned to normal, "that day the wild goose." When Chen Niangniang finished singing and stepped down, the gauze curtain was raised, and I exchanged the same clothes with her from the secret door. If you pay attention to that day,whirlpool bathtub manufacturers, "she smiled and said to Chen Lang, who was standing on the edge of the prison," you can see that the candles on the stage are shaking, "blown by the wind." It was the old slave's negligence. Chen Lang's self-restraint was very good, and he was not angry. He said lightly, "Later, the old slave will apologize to Princess Dachang." "What song did my mother sing that day?" She came out of Mei Jijiang's arms early. She was not interested in anything else. She was only interested in this. Yes, it's the first time for Chen Niangniang to sing, and I don't know the name. Mei Jijiang hesitated. Oh, "Liu Che light way,outdoor hot tub, can't see his expression," Mei girl elder brother called the first singer of Qing Huan Lou, singing a song should not be difficult? " Mei Jijiang had no choice but to sing a cappella without a pipa in her hand. Although she was locked up in a dark dungeon for a day and night, she was not abused. She was still wearing the same green flying dress as Chen Yansheng in Qinghuan Tower that day. She also had a bit of flying elegance and curled up to sing: There are beauties in the north, who are left behind and independent. Look at the city, and then look at the country. It is better not to know that the city falls and the country falls, and the beauty is hard to get again. A song is finished, for a long time, Chen Lang muttered, "not as good as the empress sang that day." He remembered that on that day, Chen Yansheng sang on the stage, "Qing Huan Lou is all quiet, all photographed by the peerless elegance of the empress, and it was precisely because of this that he would not even be aware of the change of people.". The third volume covers the capital 34: There is no wind and moon in the Weiyang Palace. The storm at the beginning of the sixth year of yuanshuo passed silently in the war between Han and Hungary again. February Brother general Wei ch'ing rate one hundred and twenty thousand cavalry from Dingxiang county, under sun ao, sun he, Zhao Xin, Su Jian, Li, outdoor spa manufacturers ,whirlpool hot tub, Li jue, Liu descendants seven generals. Make Gongsun Ao, Gongsun He as the vanguard; Zhao Xin, Su Jian as the left wing, Li Wan, Liu Yi as the right wing, Li Guang as the rear general, attack the Xiongnu. Liu Yi walked slowly in the army, still recalling the past, the changes at the beginning of the year, he looked on coldly, did not intervene, did not speak, eventually came to this step, is unwilling, but also fortunate. Other people can gently uncover the storm, but he can't, Wei ch'ing also can't. So, in this war, two people are getting farther and farther away. After all, he was empress Wei zifu's younger brother, but he was the elder brother of the wild goose. He still wants to appreciate Wei ch'ing and no personal revenge, otherwise, the war is the easiest place for a person to disappear. General Xue Zhi called softly, "Master Chen, is it really the former empress?" "Yes." Liu Yi came to his senses and answered softly. It's incredible! Xue Zhi sighed, still a little shocked, "that Empress Chen is so good, how can the emperor be willing to abolish her?" Liu Yi laughed. If everything in this world is really like the black and white in the eyes of this teenager, how many should there be? Gone, "Liu Yi drew a whip," there is no reason to say on the battlefield. " Is service, the Han army decapitated thousands of levels and also. Liu Che was walking slowly on the long corridor in the Weiyang Palace when he received the battle report. He said, "Since the end of yuan Guang, Han and Hungary have won more than they lost, so this time I heard that Liu Che did not have a special color, but his mood was clear, and he only felt that the spring scenery in the imperial garden was more colorful than usual." Your name is Huo Qubing? What a strange name. He heard the soft voice of the girl, like the best oriole in spring. In the sunshine came Huo Qubing's cold response, "How good is your name?" As the youngest princess in the Han Dynasty, perhaps because she had been living among the people since childhood, Princess Yuening was rare but did not have much temper, unlike the spoiled Yangshi and Zhuyi. Of course, the eldest daughter of the big fellow empire, Princess Wei Chang also has a supple temper, but not as bright as Princess Yuening. Although there was a dispute with Huo Qubing in Qimen School, Princess Yuening never held a grudge. The girl, who had no mother by her side, had a gentle and peaceful life in the treacherous Weiyang Palace. She had never made a mistake or stepped on a mistake, which amazed the palace people. My name has a meaning. Liu Chu smiled and said, "Mother said she gave me this name because of a poem, 'If life is just like the first time,'" she intoned leisurely, "how about it? Isn't that nice? "I don't love poetry in my life, but this one sounds pretty good!" Huo Qubing hesitated for a moment, although he was a fierce man, he could not help but be moved by poetry. Right Liu Chu laughed proudly, "the whole poem is like this:" If life is just like the first time, what is the west wind sad painting fan? Wait for leisure to change but the old friend's heart, but the old friend's heart is changeable. The rain of Lishan Mountain is over and the night is half clear,outdoor endless pool, and the night rain is over without complaint. "He Rubo is lucky to be a man in splendid clothes. He wishes to be together today." "It's just another palace poem." Huo Qubing's voice cooled down. "Boring." "Green vegetables and radishes, each has his own love." Liu Chu was not angry either. He said with a smile, "Mother said that the poet who wrote this poem was a famous poet. He was a man of true nature. Many poems are very affectionate. There is a poem that you must like." She intoned:.

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