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“…… When she's older, she'll have to wait for the princess to come back. Said Liu Yan. The present situation, where can accommodate his feelings of lovesickness? "Lord Tu!"!

“…… When she's older, she'll have to wait for the princess to come back. Said Liu Yan. The present situation, where can accommodate his feelings of lovesickness? "Lord Tu!"! Lord Liu! A soldier came running in a panic! Tu Long and Liu Yan got up almost at the same time and asked, "What's wrong?!" "I don't know why the number of soldiers guarding the imperial city has doubled!" "Is there such a thing?" Tu Long frowned. "The emperor has been defending but not attacking. Why did he suddenly increase the number of soldiers?" "There's something strange about it." Liu Yan felt bad, "the emperor seems to intend to stop Wang Ye." "Stop?.." Tu Long frowned more and more tightly, "can it be said." “…… The emperor knows the whereabouts of the princess?! Liu Yan's words are amazing! "Anyway, go and tell Wang Ye now!" Tu Long turned and walked to the Xiyuan. When Tu Long and Liu Yan arrived, they found that Li Ye was also there. When did Lord Li come back? Tu Long blurted out and immediately found that the atmosphere in the room was not right. Wang Ye, just now a soldier came to report that there were twice as many soldiers outside the city. Liu Yan said. I know Lin Yizhi's voice was deep and powerful. He sat on the old rattan wooden chair. He lowered his head and pondered. Lord Li.. This Tu Long and Liu Yan could not help but be surprised. Does Wang Ye know? Li Ye's face is also quite ugly, "I don't know who spread the news, claiming that the princess is in Beicen at the moment, General Zhao and General Gao have repeatedly dissuaded, but His Majesty the Emperor insisted on his own way, has assembled troops ready to cross the sea to Beicen." Tu Long and Liu Yan's bodies were stunned almost at the same time! "This!" We What are we gonna do? Tu Long and Liu Yan stared at Lin Yizhi. Lin Yizhi raised his head, concentrated for a moment,Walking measuring wheel, and murmured, "Fight out of the city.." Stop him. How easy is it to get out of town? How easy is it to stop Lin Ran? But Lin Yizhi has no time to plan to think, the arrow on the string had to send! So on this night, the four gates of the imperial city opened together! Troops poured out of the city! Chaotic war, overnight, the periphery of the imperial city into a bloodthirsty place like purgatory! This war paid a heavy price. With corpses everywhere and rivers of blood,Surveyors tape measure, it was the most painful bloody battle in the history of Huage. When Lin Yizhi fought his way out of the tight encirclement, his army had been halved, and the soldiers sent by Lin Ran to defend him also suffered heavy casualties. Lin Yizhi knew that he would be spurned by the future for this battle. However, he has been unable to take care of all this. Dead world people, if can keep her Qingcheng a smile, he will be satisfied. Let him bear the charge of eternity. The mountain road echoed, and thousands of troops ran toward the coast! When I was young, I talked and laughed under the red masts, but now when we meet, it's brotherly hostility, full of vendettas! “…… I don't understand.. I don't understand! Lin Yizhi clenched his teeth, fish measuring tape ,Pi tape measure, "I don't understand why you want to use such means!"! To push our two brothers to such a point! Lin ran is no longer the gentle face of the past, his face murderous, Confucian shirt dancing in the sea breeze, "only blame you refused to let go." When Lin Yizhi heard this answer, he had an impulse to laugh-he refused to let go? Blame him for not letting go? That's his wife! A wife for life! "You don't deserve it." Lin Yizhi whispered. Lin ran raised his eyebrows. "What did you say?" The two armies against each other, some distance apart, Lin ran only see Lin Yizhi's mouth. Lin Yizhi suddenly looked up to the sky and laughed! "Lin Ran!"! You don't deserve it! Lin ran's face was pale! He stared at the man not far away, the man who had been on a blind date with his brother, and he was angry! Lin Yizhi!!! "Kill!"! ——” Lin ran a clamor, the whole army rushed to Lin Yizhi's army! "Kill!"! Lin Yizhi held his sword high and rushed into the battlefield! This is the first time that the two brothers have met on the battlefield. It was also the first time that two men held swords against each other. The figures of Lin Ran and Lin Yizhi are interlaced together, the horses are hissing and the people are singing, the swords are confused, the battlefield is troubled, and the blood is enchanting like a red lotus! Lin ran a sword to cut, Lin Yizhi flash back and block, mixed weapons, metal sound! A sword side sweep, a sword horizontal block, left hit the front, right attack the lower abdomen, Lin ran move deadly, Lin Yizhi step by step to resolve. Lin ran grinned coldly. "You can't win me if you only block but don't attack!" Lin Yizhi suddenly returned to the sword! "I won't lose either!" Lin Yizhi's offensive suddenly became fierce, like a lion pressing Lin Ran at a disadvantage! Lin ran recruit, recruit block, still appear to have spare capacity but not enough. Lin Yizhi waved his sword in Lin Ran's throat and suddenly stopped- "retreat." Lin Ran chuckled, "what if I say no?" "Kill you." "Kill me and you will be the emperor?" Lin ran looked at Lin Yizhi with interest in his eyes, without a trace of fear. Lin Yizhi did not answer this, and the sword against Lin Ran's throat was a few minutes closer. "Retreat." Lin ran smiled softly. Lin Yizhi became alert and quickly jumped back more than ten feet-but it was too late, and the dagger hidden in Lin Ran's other hand had already pierced his lower abdomen! Lin Yizhi came to his senses and saw Lin Ran smiling like a devil in front of his eyes. Everything in front of him began to blur, the world rotated, Lin Yizhi tried to support his body, but found that his body was getting heavier and heavier-he knew that the dagger was poisonous. Vaguely see, Lin ran raised the sword, stabbed him, the pain hit the whole body. Lin Yizhi's eyes were dark. "Xi'er." He finally murmured. Tu Long saw Lin Yizhi fall in front of his eyes,cattle weight tape, and his mind was blank! “…… Lin Ran. Lin Ran! Lin ran!!! Tu Long clenched his sword and went straight to Lin Ran! "Protect Your Majesty!"! Escort! Escort!!! The soldiers pressed Tu Long-Tu Long has completely collapsed! He waved his sword wildly and had only one thought in his mind! Kill Lin Ran! Tu Long was so angry that he lost his edge between his swords. They oppressed him and caught him! The number of the two armies has been set. Lin Ran! I'll kill you! Tu Long, who was pressed to the ground, roared loudly. What's the matter Do you also want to fight with me for that woman? Lin ran hooked his lips and smiled softly. Shut up! Don't defile the princess! 。 tapemeasure.net

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