The lost God of love

"Yes, this is what I suggested. It is made up of new trainee reporters. They are all young people, full of energy and momentum.

"Yes, this is what I suggested. It is made up of new trainee reporters. They are all young people, full of energy and momentum. Sometimes when there is a particularly sensational news, they go out, 24 hours a day, disguised as various identities, and nail down the target to be pursued. This surprise soldier often has unexpected gains." So everyone also began to make up, which was no trouble, because the club had prepared a variety of costumes to meet the needs of various tasks. In half an hour. When they appeared in King's Road as flying girls, four young hippies were already waiting. They were all very competent. Most of them wore wigs, and two of them had long beards. It was a night salon full of primitive sentiment, and its name was very primitive, called Qiang Ge. It means forest in English. Most of them belong to the lost generation. The band was made up of four black men, beating tambourines to a monotonous and rapid piano and guitar rhythm, with a wild cry or two from time to time. Dance is crazy, music is crazy, people are crazy. Lu Yisi and Xiang Shuzhong are both here, and they are obviously a very prominent couple,plastic bulk containers, because they dance more crazily than anyone else, but they are not meaningless jumps. Between every move, both of them show beautiful posture, even if they vent the impact of their inner fanaticism, they still show the beauty of art. Chen Xiulian and Ye Changqing shared a table, and it was next to Lu Yisi. The light on the seat was so dim that even Lu Yisi did not notice that they were coming. When they were dancing, they didn't go down. Ye Changqing said in a low voice,plastic pallet suppliers, "Sister, it seems that you have found the right person to choose Lu Yisi. There is no such talent in our club. No one can cooperate with that guy except Lu Yisi." Chen Xiulian also said in a low voice, "Yes, that guy is an all-rounder. After our Goddess Club adds Lu Yisi, we can keep balance with him on the scale." "Elder sister, you put too much weight on him." "No!"! This is a conservative estimate, we can, he is omnipotent, and he will, we may not be all. Ye Changqing wanted to say something, but Chen Xiulian touched her with her feet, because the music ended and Xiang Shuzhong and Lu Yisi came back. Both of them were very tired, but there was a wild light in their eyes. They sipped the whiskey, plastic pallet crates ,plastic pallet price, and then they heard Xiang Shuzhong ask, "Helen, do you still want to jump?" "No, I've never been as excited as I was today, but I don't want to be too tired to move." "Me, too. I think I should save some energy for something else." "You might as well suggest it and see if I'm interested." Helen, how old are you? "Twenty-five.". Why do you ask? "Twenty-five should be the age of maturity." "I matured at the age of seventeen. In the West, it is impossible for a girl to keep herself like a jade. But my first time was caused by violence. Those people are animals. That's why I came to the East." "What is your impression of men in the East?" "Not too good, they lack momentum, obviously have a primitive impulse under the heart, but dare not express, always wait for girls to encourage him." "Then you chose the wrong place. You shouldn't have gone to university. All the students here want to learn the English gentleman's way." How about you? Did you graduate here, too? "I'm an exception because I don't want to go to my ancestral home for further study, and I've turned down several scholarships." "Why? Don't you want to go further?" "I haven't stopped studying, but what I want to learn is not what the college can provide, and of course I have some personal factors that I don't want to leave here!" Is it for your dead lover? I heard Feifei say something about you. "I never loved that vulgar girl." "But Feifei said you were." "That's the elder sister's opinion. I don't want to hurt the elder sister's heart, so I have to admit it. In fact, when I was with that girl, I just used her as a bridge." "Bridge?"? What do you want to achieve? Step over her and get closer to my ideal, my love. ” "Your love doesn't mean Dr. Nie, does it?" "Why not? Have you ever seen a more respectable and lovely woman than her?" "No.". But this is impossible. "Yes, but I don't want her to love me, that will destroy my love, I just want to dedicate my own feelings." "Isn't that painful?" "From another point of view, I was very painful at first, but later I got used to it and regarded it as a kind of happiness.." "So you're not allowed to have a second woman in your life?" "Yes, but my body can enter other women." "What are you implying?" "I just want to tell you that if you associate marriage with sex, I will send you home, and if you want to indulge, I will take you to a place where there is no distinction between man and beast." "How terrible to hear you say, is there such a place?" "Yes, it's just a quiet apartment with wine, music, mirrors, aphrodisiacs, and a movie machine." "It's a lady-killer's nest." Xiang Shuzhong smiled: "It depends on how you measure it. If you regard the relationship between men and women as so sacred, it is a trap of sin. If you regard sex as a natural need, it is a paradise of trysts." Louise was silent for a moment and then said, "Come on, let's go and have a look. I'm curious about it." "Think about it first. Maybe a lot of things will happen when we go in, but when we come out, we are still two people who are not separated." "I know. Anyway,plastic pallet containers, I'm no longer a virgin. If I want to marry someone, I should marry the man who raped me first. According to the order, divorce once a year. It's your turn at the age of seventy." "Then I would like to wait until that day." "But you must register for an appointment today." 。


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