The Fallen Life of Online Games

Now on TV, a girl is playing with a boy at the city gate. Is that girl you? Is the man your brother? Liu Yuxin curled her lips and pressed the microphone and said to Liu Yan, "Brother, mom asked.." Liu Yan interrupts say: "I had heard, still tell the truth."

Now on TV, a girl is playing with a boy at the city gate. Is that girl you? Is the man your brother? Liu Yuxin curled her lips and pressed the microphone and said to Liu Yan, "Brother, mom asked.." Liu Yan interrupts say: "I had heard, still tell the truth." "Mom, yes." It was obvious that there was a slightly happy tone over there. "Do you know where your brother is?" Liu Yuxin frowned at his brother. Liu Yan sighed and said, "Tell the truth." "I know." "And where is your brother?" "It's right next to me, cousin." "What?"? Your cousin is here. Why didn't your cousin say anything before that? "I don't know." "Then ask your cousin to answer the phone." Just then, Liu Jieqiang came out of the bathroom and was washing his hands. Liu Yuxin saw him calling, "Cousin, my mother wants you to answer the phone." Liu Jieqiang promised to answer the phone and said, "Aunt, what's the matter?" "What did you say before? Didn't you say that Liu Yan was not here?" Liu Yan's mother seemed a little angry. Liu Jieqiang looked at Liu Yan and Liu Yuxin and said awkwardly, "Aunt, you already know." "How long are you going to lie to me if I don't know you?" "I'm sorry, aunt." "I don't blame you, you answer the phone to Liu Yan." Liu Jieqiang handed the phone to Liu Yan, but Liu Yan did not mean to take over, shaking his head and walking to one side. Liu Jieqiang immediately said, "Well, Liu Yan is not free to take a bath." At this time Liu Yan has no interest to listen to go on, came to the balcony to look at the flashing neon lights outside, Liu Yuxin also followed more, holding his brother from behind. Liu Yan said,collapsible pallet box, "Actually, your cousin is not a bad person." Chapter 131 Enlightenment [Number of Words in this Chapter: 3053 Last Updated: 2010-07-29 21:14: 44.0] Liu Yuxin nodded and said, "Yes, it's just that cousin is still a conservative. He has a certain rejection of new things. But with more time, I think cousin should be able to accept it." Liu Yan looked at his sister incredibly, touched her little head and said, "Sister, how do you know what I'm thinking?" "That's.." Liu Yuxin said proudly. Last time my cousin said you didn't do your job properly,plastic pallet suppliers, you always took it to heart. Am I right? Liu Yan smiled, pinched his sister's lovely nose, and doted on her and said, "Little kid, you know how to figure out your brother's mind." "That's.." But the younger sister suddenly felt that her brother's words were so strange that she suddenly shouted, "Don't you say I'm a little kid.." On the balcony, Liu Yan and Liu Yuxin slapstick for a while, slightly sweat on the forehead, little sister Jiao panting said: "Do not play, I am tired." Only when Liu Yan heard this did he stop tickling his claws. Then Liu Yuxin leaned against the guardrail and looked at his brother and said, "Are we still going to move out?" Liu Yan breathed a deep breath, "of course, I have been here for some time, I believe that the trouble cousin has been enough, now has barely the ability, I think it is time to leave here." "Oh.." Will Sister Amethyst come to pick us up tomorrow? Liu Yuxin asked obediently. Whatever. Come if you can. If you don't have time, we'll do it ourselves. Two people walked to the room, ibc spill containment pallet ,plastic pallet crates, but at this time found that Liu Jieqiang was still talking on the phone, Liu Jieqiang also found two people, said: "Well, or I give you their mobile phone number?" Then Liu Jieqiang reported the mobile phone numbers of Liu Yan and Liu Jieqiang, "Well, that's it, aunt worship.." If Liu Yan heard his cousin say his phone number to his parents before, although he would not say anything, he would certainly feel uncomfortable in his heart. But this time Liu Yan did not have this feeling at all, Liu Yan may also know that his cousin is afraid of his parents worry, although the starting point is good, but without Liu Yan is always bad. So Liu Yan sighed and came to his cousin's side and said in the tone of an experienced person, "Cousin, I know it's a good idea for you to give my mother the phone number of my sister and me, but this practice should be the same as ours.". I understand what you're doing this time, but I have to change. "Well.." I'm afraid your parents are worried, too, so. Liu Jieqiang said in astonishment. I know, so I don't blame you, but I hope not in the future. Liu Jieqiang seemed to understand and nodded, then said: "Just now aunt, let me say your thing again, I think since aunt already knows, there is no need to hide, so I told all the things." Rub the forehead helplessly, no wonder chat so long, originally is for this matter. It's all right. Now that I know, I can't help it. "Oh.." Liu Jieqiang laughed twice. Cousin, I will move out tomorrow. I may stay in the hotel. I will call you to report the location. "All right." Seeing that Liu Jieqiang was about to walk into the room, Liu Yan shouted, "By the way, cousin, how is your job now?" "All right, why do you want to ask that?" Liu Jieqiang asked doubtfully. Liu Yan smiled and said, "It's all right. I want to say that in the future, if you want to change your job, if you have no money, you can find me." "I think it's better to forget it. I don't think you have much money. I also want to say that if you don't have money, you can come back and live here for free." Liu Jieqiang said with a dry laugh and then went to his room. For his cousin, he can only sigh, satisfied with the status quo without any fighting spirit, not to mention any ideal, the only pursuit is to live a better life, buy a house, and then marry and have children, peace of mind for a lifetime, life is just like this. Alas, maybe everyone's character is different, some people only hope to live a plain and simple life, some people hope to live a vigorous and lofty life, and some people pursue their own ideals. Be that as it may, how many people like cousin are there in the world? Although they do their own work,plastic pallet manufacturer, there is no difference in essence. Every day, they go to work and get off work, waiting for a salary increase. There are differences between living and walking corpses.


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