Guangling Sword

Chen Shixing said with a smile, "This is something out of nothing. The young man who flew out was me." Chen Shixing already knew what he wanted to say, hurriedly interrupted his topic: "That night's matter, I already said very clearly." Here we go.

Chen Shixing said with a smile, "This is something out of nothing. The young man who flew out was me." Chen Shixing already knew what he wanted to say, hurriedly interrupted his topic: "That night's matter, I already said very clearly." Here we go. Let's talk about what happened later. I want to know what happened besides the officers and soldiers burning down the big house of the cloud family. Thing That old man Qu ran a province, "yes, I remember, just three days ago, a man had come to my teahouse, asking about the cloud." Miss's news, this person I think you should know. "Who is it?" "He claimed to be Dali Duan Wang Fu's family, under the orders of the little prince, specially to find out the whereabouts of Miss Yun, want to pick her up." To Dali. Only then did Chen Shixing remember that the last time he came, he also pretended to be Duan Fu's family to pick up Yunhu. And said, Is there such a thing? Is that man still in Datong? "He came here once three days ago, and I haven't seen him since, but I wonder if he's left?"? Chen Xianggong, listen to you. You sound like you don't know anything about this? "I haven't been back to Dali. Maybe the little prince sent someone else. I don't know." He said so in his mouth, but in his heart he knew that this man would never be sent by Duan Jianping,Nail machine supplier, the "little prince" of Duan Fu. Before I knew it, it was dusk and sunset, and the light was fading in the closed room. "You see," said the old man with a smile, "I've been chatting with you so much that I've forgotten to prepare dinner for you." "I'm not hungry yet," said Chen Shixing. That old man laughs: "The meal always wants to eat.". You have been running all the way, and you are tired of thinking. Go to bed early after dinner. When Han Zhi heard the word "sleep," she felt like a deer bumping into her heart. She thought to herself,Iron Nail Making Machine, "This old man is from a poor family, and he drives a small car. I'm afraid there is no spare bedroom in the teahouse. How do you sleep tonight? Sure enough, after dinner, the old man said, "Chen Xianggong, I have a spare room for you two.". Small Cow, help grandpa clean up your father's room. "Don't mention it, sir," said Han Zhi. "I can sleep on the pavement. Just put a few tables together and you can make a bed. It's laid. "How can you treat a guest so slowly?" Asked the old man? That room is empty anyway. It's not like I have to vacate it. Here's the room for you. Then he sighed and explained to them, "This room was originally the bedroom of the calf's parents, and the calf's mother was in it." Soon after he was born, he died of illness, and his father died in the last battle when the Waci soldiers besieged the city. I use it to store some things, Automatic nail machine ,Nail machine manufacturer, the bed. But I didn't move it. It can be used after a little cleaning. Chen Shixing yawned and said, "I'm really a little tired." "Right," said the old man. "I told you to run all the way. Bo, there is no reason not to be tired? Don't mention it, you two. Rest early. As he spoke, his grandson had already tidied up the room. Here we go. Chen Shixing said, "I'm really sorry to have disturbed you for most of the day. You should go to bed early, too." Having said good night, He immediately went into the room to sleep. Han Zhi had no choice but to go in with him. Chen Shixing conveniently closed the door and looked at Han Zhi with a half-smile and said, "Don't you want to sleep?" Han Zhi said angrily, "Are you really so tired?"? I'm not used to going to bed early. This bed is for you alone, and you want to sleep in it. Sleep by yourself. I can meditate on the ground. Chen Shixing laughed and said, "Actually, I don't want to go to bed so early." "Then why did you urge me to come in?" Said Han Zhi. Chen Shixing said in a low voice, "I know you have something to ask me, and I have something to say to you in the room." We can talk easily. Han Zhi laughed and said, "So you lied to the old man. You're really good at lying." Chen Shixing said with a smile, "It doesn't hurt to tell a little lie." Han Zhi said, "So you and the Yun family are very friendly. Why didn't you tell me?" I thought your godfather had told you. ” "I know my godfather and Master Yun's father were colleagues in the Imperial Guard, but he didn't tell me what you and the Yun family had to do." yuan yuan. This time I came back in a hurry, just in time to see him for the last time. I knew he had a lot to tell me, but unfortunately he didn't. There's time for him to talk. Chen Shixing said, "I met Master Yun long before I met your adoptive father, but the relationship between the two families is still there." I didn't know until your godfather told me after I met him. How he and Yunhao met in Guilin, how he died of illness in his home, and how he grew up later. With the cloud home to see the cloud lady and so on, simply and concisely said to Han Zhi know. Of course, there are still some things he can't say. Han Zhi said, "In this way, the Yun family is kind to you, and you are also kind to the Yun family.". The friendship between you and the cloud family is really great. Unusual. What happened to Mrs. Cloud? You have saved her husband and helped her a lot, and she must be very grateful to you and look at you. Same son and nephew? Why don't you talk to her? In fact, her heart is to ask why Chen Shixing and Mrs. Yun mother and daughter together, but embarrassed to ask too frankly. "Lady Yun is already dead," said Chen Shixing. "As far as I know, she has gone to the Lord of the Golden Knife Stronghold, just like your godfather. Just in time to see her daughter for the last time. I promised your adoptive father to go to Guilin to find a pillar of the sky, and of course I couldn't accompany him at that time. She went to the Golden Knife Stronghold Leader. Han Zhi sighed. This cloud girl's life is really bitter. Long Shixing said, "The fate of all three of us is the same. Our parents are both dead, and there is nothing else in the world." Relatives. When Han Zhi heard this, she couldn't help saying, "Since you and Miss Yun share the same fate, you really should be together." Chen Shixing said, "Don't you and I share the same fate?" Because he just said that the fate of three people is the same,Nail production machine, This sentence was said naturally without consideration at all. The speaker is unintentional, but the listener is intentional. Han Zhi listened to his words, but he could not help blushing. Said: "You don't talk nonsense.".


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