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Use these strategies to get jobs in the area you live

c. Look at parallel problems and solutions: Relate your current problem 

to the one that you had in the past and check for parallels between the 

two. The way that earlier problems were solved can assist you greatly in 

generating ideas to solve subsequent and current situations.

d. Look at each task as a challenge: It’s true that if you look at a problem 

simply as a “problem” then that is exactly how many will look at it. Sure it 

is a problem, and therefore, it needs a solution. Coming up with solutions 

to solve the problem or challenge will result into business ideas to that 

particular challenge. 

e. Daydreaming: Most people while undertaking their daily duties have their 

subconscious continue working (day dreaming). List your dreams. What 

have you always wished to do? Write them down. Then look for a way to turn 

these ideas into practical activities that have social, cultural or economic 

value for which someone out there could or may be willing to pay for.

f. Carry a notepad: Always have a notepad with you. Make it a habit not to 

live without it. Write down any interesting idea your mind comes up with in 

response to every situation you may be faced with or environment you find 

yourself in. Capture and preserve your ideas for later use when you truly 

want them. 

g. List customers’ complaints: How many times have you complained about 

a bad service, poor or wrong timing hours, limitations of a product you have 

purchased, etc? If your complaint is not unique, then you have just found an 

area where you could help meet a need. For example, if you were searching 

for a good or service on the weekend, and the store or Service Company 

was closed, couldn’t you capitalize on that by offering expanded hours? 

h. Read. Read: Read virtually every newspaper, business magazine, marketing 

periodicals, entrepreneurship bulletins, etc that you can find. You may not 

get a winning idea from each issue, but always learn something new that 

you can use at a later date. The more information your mind has stored 

away, the greater the opportunity for creativity.

Every time you read about an entrepreneur who is making it on his or her 

own, you should be processing the data from your mind on why such an 

entrepreneur is successful.

i. Tap your interests: Thousands of clever people have taken up hobbies 

and turned them into successful businesses. Unfortunately, a number of 

people never consider it as an important piece of work when they are doing 

something they love. 

j. Travel: Traveling opens your eyes and increases the chances for you to 

generate business ideas. You will for example benefit greatly if you visit well 

known entrepreneurs or people so that you can listen to their experiences

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