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Li Chunqiang said: "The material we reported not long ago, I don't know if Ma has sent it up, or if he has a look at it himself.".

Li Chunqiang said: "The material we reported not long ago, I don't know if Ma has sent it up, or if he has a look at it himself.". Your views on Hu Daqing's case are very clear in that material, which should be taken seriously by the higher authorities. Two people discuss all the way, the same point of view, words are also congenial, to Qingchun home, the words are still not enough, so go upstairs to continue to chat. Sitting in the living room of Qingchun's house, the first thing Li Chunqiang saw was the crystal transparent and spotless crystal photo frame, which contained a picture of Hu Xinmin's life. Hu Xinmin smiled very simple and honest. Qingchun poured a drink for Li Chunqiang. Seeing him staring blankly at Hu Xinmin's photo, he asked, "Are you still jealous of this face?" Li Chunqiang took the drink somewhat awkwardly and said, "Where can I?" Then he said, "Hey, do you know how much this frame costs?"? It costs two thousand eight hundred yuan. It's a rip-off. I don't know if it's a real crystal. "Two thousand eight hundred yuan?" Qingchun seemed to know for the first time and was shocked. Li Chunqiang said: "Now most of the things that claim to be crystal are actually glass of better quality.". What's the relationship between that boy and you? Why did he give you such an expensive thing? Qingchun turned on the TV set and stood there tuning the channel. "Which boy?" He asked without understanding. "That college student, I think he likes you very much. Is he a little psychopathic?" Qing Chun says: "What word is this, liking me is psychopathic?" Li Chunqiang explained, "I mean he is several years younger than you." Qingchun said: "There are plenty of men who are several years younger than women.". I have a cousin who is more than forty years old. She married a man who is thirty-seven or thirty-eight years old. She has a good life. Li Chunqiang teased: "Do you also want to find a small one?" Qingchun replied bickering, "As long as you love each other,tube lip gloss, age doesn't matter.". Can you introduce one to me? Li Chunqiang said with a smile, "How about that college student?" Qingchun said seriously, "Well, next time I see him, you can be a matchmaker for me." The two men chatted so and so, sometimes joking and sometimes serious. Li Chunqiang said, "If you really marry such a person, it will be the number one news in our whole world." Qingchun raised the argument and said,cosmetic tube packaging, "Then I really want to have the addiction of this news figure.". Why can't I marry someone younger than me? Li Chunqiang said: "It's not about age. That person is not in the same class as you.". To be honest, Qingchun, if, if you really feel lonely now and really want to find a partner, I. I know you have a prejudice against me in the past, but I still, still, I have always wanted to do something for you. Qingchun did not expect to talk and laugh easily, Li Chunqiang changed the subject and turned to such a serious theme, which caught her off guard. She was stunned for a long time, and even did not know where to avoid her eyes, and her mood became somewhat confused. Chunqiang, if I have hurt your pride in the past, I didn't mean it. But I still think it's a bit inappropriate for you to talk about this topic today. Xinmin has just left, eye cream packing tube ,plastic laminated tube, and he hasn't gone far. To tell you the truth, I can't forget him. So, so I'm not in the mood, and I don't want to talk about it. Li Chunqiang lowered his head and held a cup of orange water in his hand. He didn't let Qingchun go on. I'm sorry, Qingchun. This happened to Xinmin. I'm really afraid you can't stand it, so I want to help you. You should also know that I, like Xinmin, want you to be happy most. Of course, I respect your choice and I will not embarrass you. Li Chunqiang put down his cup and stood up. He took this sentence as a farewell. Qingchun did not keep him or send him downstairs, but she stood at the window and listened to his jeep go away before returning to the bedroom. She thought that perhaps she should not go to Li Chunqiang's house today, nor should she take him to her living room. Li Chunqiang was a straightforward and hot-tempered man, who could not dodge this time and hurt his face. After going to work the next day, she paid close attention to Li Chunqiang's behavior. On the surface, his voice and expression remained unchanged, but when he met Qingchun, it was more unnatural. Speaking with Qingchun, he also brought the seriousness and reserve that he had never had in the past. Of course, it could be her own. In the morning, before they had time to report to the director, they were first called to the office by Director Ma. As soon as they entered the room, the director asked, "Has Du Changfa come back from Guilin?" Li Chunqiang said he was back. The director asked how the situation was? Li Chunqiang briefly reported the situation that Du Changfa came back to talk about. The director said almost without hearing the end: "I am looking for you, in a word, that is, you are engaged in this case, you can not stop for the death of Hu Daqing.". The Bureau attached great importance to the material you reported last time. I went to a meeting at the station yesterday, and the chief asked about the progress of the case. Hurry up and get ready. Maybe the Bureau leaders will listen to the report face to face at any time. Don't talk about nothing. Qingchun and Li Chunqiang looked at each other and smiled. Of course, they imagined that there would be such a smooth situation. This shows that the views and intuitions of the heads of the Bureau are quite close to them. As expected, the Bureau quickly arranged a briefing, which was given by Li Chunqiang and supplemented by Qingchun and Du Changfa. Because they were well prepared, although there were not many clues in the case, their reasoning was powerful, their analysis was incisive, and their use of materials was appropriate. Therefore, their judgments were appreciated. At the meeting, the head of the Bureau instructed on the spot that the date of the briefing, June 16, should be used as the code name of the case. It should be seriously investigated and dealt with as a major and important case. It is necessary to organize meticulously, plan carefully, and plan for a long time, and strive to find the trace and main vein of this drug trafficking organization as soon as possible. At present, it is necessary to obtain the support of the public security organs in the relevant areas. First of all, from the hands of Guan Jingshan in Guilin, we should follow the clues, expand the clues and make further progress. At the end of the meeting,empty cosmetic tubes, the department immediately announced the establishment of 6. Li Chunqiang was appointed as the group leader and Ou Qingchun was appointed as the deputy group leader of the 16 case task force, and other sections were added. The members of the team strengthened the case. The news that Qingchun will be promoted to vice captain has been circulating, and this is spreading like wildfire. Public opinion generally believes that the appointment of Qingchun as deputy leader of such an important project is obviously a prelude to promotion and probation.


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