Evil spirit is awe-inspiring

"Alas!"! I don't know what kind of evil I met. Shen Shan shook his head with a bitter look on his face: "I am caught in the crack of the door now, and I am in a bad situation.".

"Alas!"! I don't know what kind of evil I met. Shen Shan shook his head with a bitter look on his face: "I am caught in the crack of the door now, and I am in a bad situation.". Originally, our Qinghong forces, you know, all of us have this big sign handed down from our ancestors on our heads. But for so many years, there are three words, three big owners. What about the original. We are all from Jiangsu and Zhejiang, and they are all big owners with the word "people". Originally, Jiangsu and Zhejiang were close to each other, but there was a Shanghai in the middle. According to reason, the geographical location of Shanghai is in the middle of Jiangsu and Zhejiang, and it should be attributed to the big owners. But you also know that Shanghai is such a big piece of fat meat, such a big and prosperous Shanghai. How can you easily let a family sit? So our Qinghong in Shanghai has always been divided into three parts, heaven and earth, and the big owners of the three words have sent people to do business here. Originally for so many years, although occasionally fighting with each other, but somehow it is Qinghong down the same line, even if there is a small friction between each other, there are still some feelings. Everyone is a brother, but he is left hand hit right hand, nothing hit the head, it is also peaceful. "Yes,custom cosmetic packaging, Shanghai is a place where you, Shen Shan, are now a shopkeeper with the prefix of" Ren ". What else can't you get through?" Jojo's father smiled. "Yes!" As soon as Shen Shan patted his thigh, he couldn't help showing some anger: "That's Ye Huan, the old red guy!!!" When I heard the name "Ye Huan", my heart jumped! Qiaoqiao's father smiled and said nothing, but Shen Shan's face sank: "Ye Huan is reversed!" "The other way around?" Jojo's father smiled. "What?" "Shit!" Shen Shan gritted his teeth and said, "I am also blind!"! I actually changed the post with this guy that year and worshipped my brother! Now I'm in a foul mood! It's really yellow mud falling into the crotch. It's not shit but shit! This Ye Huan also does not know is how can be,plastic laminted tube, originally he is in Nanjing, the entire Qinghong Jiangsu gang is he is in charge. The big boss let him set up the big shopkeeper of the Jiangsu Gang, which is a vassal all the way! But this old boy a few days ago suddenly reversed, heard that I do not know how to return a responsibility, it seems that the big owner of the word "Ren" is going to withdraw him, the result sent to Nanjing, was actually detained by Ye Huan! Shit, this guy has hair on his back, too! This kind of thing dares to do, heard that the big boss sent three groups of people, he even buckled three groups! Just won't hand over power! Now it's clear that we're going to turn against the owner and stand on our own feet! After a pause, Shen Shan could not help sighing: "But Ye Huan this guy really has the ability, I heard that he made this trouble, the entire Jiangsu gang was blown up!"! Nanjing is his lair, and he dares to turn against the killer! After a week of internal cleaning, cosmetic plastic tube ,custom cosmetic packing, I heard that seven or eight corpses had been fished out of the Qintan River! Several leaders who were willing to fight with him were killed by him. And the sub-shopkeeper in Suzhou was beaten to death in his mistress's home, and the guy in Changzhou saw things the fastest. Ye Huan sent someone to leave a bullet at his bedside at night, and the guy simply rolled up his bedding and ran away. As a result, Ye Huan only sent a few people to take over a piece of land in Changzhou smoothly! This is not, more than one, down, half of Jiangsu's territory now do not listen to the orders of the big owner, have changed their surnames to Ye! WWw.xiAosHuotxt.COM Chapter 52 I am still me. Jojo's father smiled. "What about you?" Shen Shan's face changed. He gritted his teeth and said, "Me?"? Hum! Shanghai is so close to Nanjing. How could Ye Huan let me go? But he knew that I, Shen Shan, still had some foundation in Shanghai, and he was afraid that I would not be able to get rid of me. He sent someone to talk to me and wanted me to work with him! Ha! Shen Shan is a boor, but at least he is not a fool! "Oh?"? How to say? Jojo's father looked at me deliberately and laughed in a low voice. Shen Shan sighed: "Ye Huan can't grow up!"! Must be a dead end! How could I, Shen Shan, be foolish enough to work with him! He said in a low voice, "Although Ye Huan has suddenly occupied half of Jiangsu in more than a month, that's because Jiangsu is his lair. He has been a big shopkeeper in Jiangsu for so many years, and his influence has already penetrated into it. So suddenly he turned around like this. Others were caught off guard, and he controlled such a large area at once!"! Now he seems to be beautiful, but in fact he may not feel better! Now is the big host above was caught off guard by him, such as the big host reacted to come over, counterattack, Ye Huan may not be able to stop. "Is it?" Jojo's father smiled. "But …" The big master, under the two places of Jiangsu and Zhejiang, is now lost in Jiangsu, which means that half of the power of the big master is gone. It may not be able to overwhelm Ye Huan. "Different!"! Different! Shen Shan shook his head again and again, but hurriedly added, "Mr. Qiao, I dare not refute you, Xiaoshan.." Alas, it's just that you're not a member of our Qinghong family and don't know our rules. He lowered his voice. Slowly said: "We Qinghong these years, are divided into three, heaven and earth, three words.". Three big owners, three factions of brothers do not belong to each other, the road to the sky, each side, but after all, is the same door, usually what things, or will be linked to each other, help each other to the ground. Although occasionally for some interests, they will fight and fight with each other. But it hit the big joint. They will definitely embrace each other to the outside world! Think about it.. As soon as Ye Huan makes such a fuss, if he makes a big fuss, it will not be a matter of the first faction! Ye Huan is tantamount to opposing the sign of Qinghong! You got such a big piece of land at once! How about this? I reckon. The big owners of the three words must meet to discuss, no matter how to destroy Ye Huan! Otherwise, to tolerate such a big anti-bone scene to live, is tantamount to stepping on the Qinghong signboard! Let's not talk about things on face. If Ye Huan is allowed to go on like this,pump tube, then in case someone learns from Ye Huan in the future. If the big shopkeepers from all walks of life see Ye Huan so beautiful. They all have ambitions to rebel and take care of themselves. That's not good! So, if this time the big owner of the word can not destroy Ye Huan, the other two owners will certainly reach out to help! Ye Huan is in the limelight now. But he has to rely on a piece of Jiangsu's territory to fight with the whole country's Qinghong. That's still a dead end! 。 emptycosmetictubes.com


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