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But Liu Xianxiang, with her eyebrows flying and a murderous look on her face, has a strange sword style. Every time she hands out two swords on the upper plate, the next sword will go to cut the one-legged old man. Man's only right leg.

But Liu Xianxiang, with her eyebrows flying and a murderous look on her face, has a strange sword style. Every time she hands out two swords on the upper plate, the next sword will go to cut the one-legged old man. Man's only right leg. The one-legged old man knew that he had met a top master, and he also saw that the gorgeous female Raksha was aiming at his one-legged. He would rather let Liu Xianxiang cut a few bloody mouths on his shoulders, arms, and chest, and two iron crutches would not leave his one leg. Huang Jianyun could see that the one-legged old man suddenly dived when he wanted to retreat to the side of the boat, but he could also see that Liu Xianxiang was then. If you don't blow out the blue hair, you will pierce the chest of the one-legged old man with a sword. So, in a calm and dissuasive tone, he said in a deep voice, "Sister Xiang, give him a chance to turn over a new leaf!" When Liu Xianxiang heard this, the sword slowed down unconsciously. One-legged old man there also dare to neglect, a turn has jumped off the boat, followed by a "crash" sound of water, splashing countless. Splash. Liu Xianxiang turned her back to Huang Jianyun. First of all, she heaved a sigh of relief, turned over her wrists, and straightened her hair. Then she turned around with a smile. Huang Jianyun looked at this situation, knowing that Liu Xianxiang did not want him to see her delicate dimple congealed frost, eyebrows through the murderous look of the evil spirit, so, also. Greeted the past with a smile. As soon as Liu Xianxiang looked around, not only was there no big man on the surface of the boat, but even the black-faced and bearded figure who was dizzy on the beach. Has disappeared, so, with anger Jiao voice said: "Really angry, actually ridicule us as a lost dog!" " Huang Chien-yun smiled and could not say anything, so he had to smile and say, "Why should I have the same experience as them and teach him a lesson?" Forget it if you have a meal! As he spoke, he looked at the woods on the other side of the river. Sure enough,plastic pallet bin, there were several figures peeking in the dark. It was obvious that they were the God of Hundred Steps. "Play" and "Sword Through the Clouds" and others. At this time, an old man in his sixties, with a frightened look, climbed out of the bottom cabin with trepidation. As soon as Huang Jianyun saw it, he knew it was the owner of the boat. He immediately ordered in harmony, "Laozhang, pull up the horses on the shore and set sail." As soon as the old shipowner heard this, he immediately looked down at the bottom of the cabin and shouted, and a sound of footsteps immediately came from below. At this time, the front cabin door with a deep oil curtain has rolled up the oil curtain, and the bright lights in the cabin hall immediately shine out, separated by exquisite. The bamboo curtain and the furnishings in the hall are clearly visible. Two of the four maids,plastic pallet box, dressed in simple clothes and trousers, came out of the cabin to greet them respectfully. Two of them lifted the bamboo curtain high and shouted in unison: Madam, please! Huang Jianyun and Liu Xianxiang entered the hall cabin side by side and found that the furnishings were extremely exquisite, with a lacquer table in the middle, two lacquer chairs, and left and right half walls. Under the wide window, four square stools, two tea tables, on both sides of the hall door, there are potted flowers, chess and books, and a small door with a curtain hanging from the left corner of the hall wall. Into the sleeping quarters. Entering the inner cabin, Huang Jianyun frowned together, because there were only one or two stools in the inner cabin, one bed and one tent. There are narrow windows under the eaves, dressing tables, clothes hangers and other objects. There was a door in the corner of the bed, which was a place for washing and bathing, and there was nothing else. When Huang Jianyun looked at it, he felt that Captain Jiang was nearly twenty feet, but there was only one hall, one room, plastic pallet manufacturer ,wholesale plastic pallet, and a small room. After inquiring, he knew. There was still a cabin for the four maidservants. Looking at this situation, Huang Jianyun anxiously secretly calculated that if he slept with Liu Xianxiang, he was not a sage, he really did not. Confidence is not close to her skin, especially in his weak crown years, when he is full of vigor and vitality. What disturbs Huang Jianyun most is that Liu Xianxiang has deep feelings for him, and Liu Xianxiang is plump, mature, enthusiastic and beautiful. Li, is full of seductive charm to him! In particular, Liu Xianxiang's learning, wisdom, as well as her language genius, he sincerely admired, of course, the most Huang Jianyun. Heart, or Liu Xianxiang's gentle, considerate, ask for warmth, as well as her earnest eyes, which will make a memory of itself. How could Huang Jianyun, who had lost his mother's love and had never married a wife, not be moved? However, if Huang Jianyun slept alone in the cabin hall, it would not only make Liu Xianxiang ashamed and sad, but also seriously stab her self. Respect, and the greatest harm is to make her suspicious. At this point, there were shouts outside the cabin, and at the same time, the hull began to move slowly. As soon as the boat moved, Liu Xianxiang, who looked happy, looked particularly happy and immediately ordered four maids to prepare a bath for Huang Jianyun. Bath. Huang Jianyun listens, in the heart is anxious, but, he is inconvenient to stop, look at Liu Xianxiang's facial expression, eyebrow tip belt happy, cherry. With a smile on her lips, it was obvious that she had begun to prepare. Seeing this, he felt that he had to try to divert Liu Xianxiang's attention from his children's affair. Of course, the best way was Study swordsmanship? Learn martial arts from each other. However, from Hejiangkou to Ziyang, thousands of miles away, the waterway is not a day or two, nor can we talk about Wulin anecdotes every day. Study martial arts at night until dawn! Mind at this point, secretly anxious, just at this time, Liu Xianxiang is taking down the blood-red scarf, forming a bead flower shape, so in the heart. Moved, immediately asked with a smile: "Xiangmei, I said that is the decoration on your hair, did not expect..." Liu Xianxiang immediately said with a smile, "I didn't expect it to be a very overbearing hidden weapon, didn't I?" Huang Jianyun smiled on purpose and said, "No, brother Yu didn't mean that. I just thought it was very powerful and surprising." Already! With a snort, Liu Xianxiangjiao laughed and said, "Why don't you admit it?"? Just now you said to yourself that it was a kind of overbearing hidden weapon! Startled, Huang Jianyun forced himself to smile and said, "Strange?"? How do you know? Liu Xianxiang gave a Frank smile and said, "Just now you used the'ant language to transmit sound 'to me, but your mind did not change, and you said it to yourself." I heard it all because of the overbearing "thousand-hole silent ox needle". Huang Jianyun's surprise was no small matter, and he almost blurted out a startled "ah," but he was in a hurry and pretended to be confused with a smile. "I don't believe it," he said. "Why haven't I heard you talking to yourself?" Liu Xianxiang explained with an unthinking laugh: "My little sister is thinking in her heart, not speaking silently with her lips and throat." As soon as Huang Jianyun heard this, he was relieved. So he smiled unconsciously and asked,spill plastic pallet, "What are you thinking about?" When Liu Xianxiang heard this, she thought Huang Jianyun was flirting with her. She blushed and laughed and said, "You're bad.". cnplasticpallet.com


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