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Mountains and rivers are endowed with m

"One side of the female officer should, the flower midnight stretched out his hand to stop, but listen to the empress Dowager hum twice, and was blocked by her eyes suddenly a spirit.". As soon as she hesitated, the female official arrived at the bed, opened the curtain, grabbed the quilt and lifted it forcefully. Zhao Tongying looked at the woman lying in her study on the long-haired cushion shipped from a foreign country, holding in one hand the half-read world novel she had read yesterday, and in the other hand holding the pears preserved from last autumn in the ice cellar. She did not know what to say while watching and eating. Next to the woman sat a handsome young man on his knees, peeling a pear and an orange from time to time and arranging them neatly on the golden plate. Hearing the noise, the woman removed the book and lifted her body slightly with a faint smile: "Come back-" "Come back.. Am I at the right door? The woman smiled again: "Tong Ying, you let me wait." "I didn't invite you over, did I?" "No!" The answer was firm. According to the rules, visitors should sit upright in the flower hall outside. Why do you sleep on my carpet in my study, eat my food, and occupy my people? Only then did Shui Ying stand up to greet him and salute Zhao Tongying deeply: "The little one is overstepping his authority and rudeness. Please forgive him, the secretary of the temple.". Besides, I don't have your man, and I don't care,Stainless Steel Prison Toilet, but I can't defile the boy's innocence, can I? As he spoke, his eyes turned slightly and suddenly became charming and tender. With a wry smile, the young man stood up and saluted. When he passed by Zhao Tongying, he said softly, "Master, I want to marry someone." Zhao Tongying's face turned black again. Although this young man looks good, he is not the pet of Zhao Tongying,Stainless Steel Toilet Sink Combo, but the son of her childhood sweetheart, and the three housekeepers grow up together, enlighten together, and are valued by the young master together. Zhao Tongying has a habit, although she is a beautiful young man, but the real confidant is not touched, the more valued the more upright and courteous, unless she wants to be with that man for life. Waiting for the trusted follower to withdraw and close the door, Zhao Tongying immediately changed his shoes and pulled his belt. He went to the bed and lay down to eat a few pear slices dipped in honey water. He sighed contentedly and then said, "Why did you come here?"? I heard you went to Prince Zheng's mansion this afternoon. "You have good eyes and ears." "It's your love affair that has spread too widely." Shuiying blushed and burst out laughing for a moment. She lay down on the other side of the tea table and said in a charming voice, "So the officials of the imperial court are so idle. Do they still care too much about Shuiying?" "What do you say?" "I don't mind either." Then he burst out laughing and fell down on the carpet. Zhao Tongying also laughed. After a while, he heard Zhao Tongying say, "Now that you have entered Prince Zheng's mansion, Stainless Steel Hand wash Basin ,Service Sink Faucets, how can you have time to come to me? You should come after you get up." "Tongying, where did you just come from?" "The palace-what's the matter?" "Didn't you see anything when you came out?" "Empress Dowager-" her face suddenly showed a kind of "so" expression, Hei Hei two, stand up to point to: "Serves you right! She is the empress Dowager's own niece, you are good, with people to rob husband. How now? The queen mother has come to support her daughter-in-law in person. No wonder you escaped so quickly. But when I came out, the queen mother got up. Why did you slip over so early? The man turned his eyes slightly and said with a charming smile, "If you want someone to catch you on the bed and try to get away, will I, Shuiying, do such a useless thing?" She is a sneer again: "Yes, the empress Dowager just goes out-no, because should say the empress Dowager just has the idea that catches adultery, you this former female officer already knew.". Shui Ying, you are so desperate that you dare to preach to the queen mother with your eyes. She raised her eyebrows and said, "Your words are really ugly. What do you mean by catching adultery?". I didn't embroider, and I didn't seduce a married man, so there was no adultery. I've been away from the harem for a long time. What I do is idle work. I have no status and no status. I don't have the ability to set up any eyeliner. I just rely on the big tree to enjoy the cool and ask for the blessing of others. Zhao Tongying also frowned slightly and then said, "I forgot that His Royal Highness Prince Zheng had been regent for many years.". Although there are signs of losing power these days, there are still people who are loyal to him or hope for him. Wang Fu, the little one has wronged you. Please bear with him. "Shadow, have you ever thought about getting married?" "I'm three years old and I haven't got married yet. What's my hurry?" "Could it be.." Do you really like your Highness Hanako and are willing to abide by him all your life? She was silent, but with a sneer on her lips, she seemed to say, "It's just an expedient measure. How can I want someone else's husband?" Zhao Tongying sat up and looked at her across the tea table. They looked at each other for a long time, but Shuiying said slowly, "Who is the secretary in the palace who wants to tell Shuiying?" Zhao Tongying sat upright and said, "How is the son of Luo's parents?" All the good books are in the middle of the ninth chapter of the Midnight (from 6V to 6V in 6V) Updated: September 13, 2005 18:48:00 Number of words in this chapter: 4061) Hua Ziye sat on the bed, half leaning against the bedpost, pulling one corner of the brocade quilt on his leg, and one hand wrapped the bed curtain around his index finger to play. The clothes on the body are still half open, look carefully can still see the traces of love in the collar, the head is slightly tilted, the eyes seem to be low, do not know where to look, but with a smile on the lips, but unfortunately this smile on the lips, not on the eyebrows. The room was as quiet as if the sound of a needle falling could be heard, and the empress Dowager sat in her chair without the anger and majesty of coming in. On the contrary, she looked surprised and embarrassed. The person on the side is the eye view nose, nose view heart, do not say to speak, the atmosphere dare not breathe. Hua Ziye played with the bed curtain for a while. Suddenly she looked up slightly and frowned. "Why hasn't anyone served tea to the Empress Dowager yet?" She asked. Everyone thought that there was no way to drink tea in this situation,push button toilet flush valve, and there was no reason for a mother to drag her son out of the Mandarin duck quilt to drink tea and chat in the middle of the night. Without waiting for anyone to speak, he patted the edge of the bed and shouted, "Where are the bastards?".


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