Conquer the Kingdom of Heaven

He even remembered the fervor in Tolme's eyes when he didn't mention the secret, even with an irrational stubbornness.

He even remembered the fervor in Tolme's eyes when he didn't mention the secret, even with an irrational stubbornness. And as he himself said, the act of giving up his beloved for the sake of this secret is a proof of what a great secret it will be to attract people and stimulate greedy desires. Lunge pulled the thick black robe tight and wrapped it around his body. He sat on the ground and thought about all this. The bells of the Church of the Holy Sepulchre had finally fallen silent, and the hilltop was silent except for the whirring of the mountain wind. At the top of this magical sacred mountain. Lunge thought in silence. The stars gradually brightened. The cold moonlight, which spanned thousands of years, fell on him, reminding him of the bright crescent moon in Jerusalem, which he had seen thousands of years later. Very soon. Before I knew it, the stars and the crescent moon were fading, and a touch of pale red gradually appeared from the east behind the mountain, covering the top of Calvary Mountain with a faint golden color. Another group of pilgrims who took advantage of the quiet of the early morning to climb the holy mountain followed the elders who led the way to the top of the mountain. But to their surprise,Time Delay Faucet, under the most sacred cross where the blood of Jesus once flowed, a man wrapped in a black robe sat motionless on the ground. As the golden red glow from the east gradually brushed the stone cross, the man's outstretched arms gave him a red and golden light like a cross. My Jerusalem! Lunge looked down on the whole ancient city, in the eyes of the pilgrims. He opened his mouth and shouted out the desire from his heart, "My kingdom on earth!" Then,Time Delay Tap, taking a long stride, he ignored the pilgrims and walked straight down the hill. Who is that man.. How dare he utter those words! The elder, who had recovered from the shock, condemned at the top of his voice, looking down on the ground for anything he could catch, trying to catch up with the heresy who dared to speak such blasphemous language on Mount Calvary. Oh, God. I know him! A pilgrim looked at the figure that had almost disappeared and suddenly let out an exclamation of surprise, which was urged by the elder in exasperation. The man said hurriedly, Urinal Manual Flush Valve ,stainless steel toilet, "This man is Lunge, who is called the Beloved of God because he came back from the dead.". Juliant . Gombray ! He is also known as the Guardian of the Holy Gun. Do you not know that the people of Jerusalem say that he is a favorite of God? "God's favorite who came back from the dead?" The old elder was stunned at first, and then his wrinkled face immediately burst into uncontrollable anger and excitement. "This is blasphemy!"! Only the Son can have such a miracle! That is why the Son regards the holy as holy. Can anyone believe that a mortal man can perform miracles that only the Son of God can perform? Who is starting a rumor? This is the greatest blasphemy! "But.." "But everyone in Jerusalem is saying," stammered the questioner, "that even a bishop from the Vatican said that this man was a true miracle of God." "What?"? Which one, Your Eminence? The elder is still unrelenting to get to the bottom of the matter. Yes, it's Cardinal Innocent. It's the Holy See. In the face of the elder's vicious questioning, the man was pale and incoherent. Oh? Oh! Oh The elder lost his voice immediately after making the unique three "oh" sounds. He bent down and threw away a stone in his hand, then raised his right hand and crossed himself on the way down the hill, which had disappeared. "Then let God bless the spirit of this beloved son with nobility and purity forever, and may he never fall into the prison of punishment in the world." "May your prayers for God's beloved bless him." The pilgrim finally breathed a sigh of relief. Then he said obsequiously, "If there is anyone in the world who can be sure that he has offended God, it is you.". After all, you are the Baldwin of Annani. That's right, Baldwin of Anagni is the judge of the world. Even the beloved of God must abide by his judgment. There was a roar of approval from the following pilgrims. This made the elder's face flash with pride, but then he solemnly stopped the people's flattery and led them to the sacred cross. Unaware that he had almost become the subject of a trial by some master of religious jurisprudence, Lunger walked slowly up the winding mountain road from Calvary Hill. With more and more people on the street, Lunge quietly felt an ordinary and quiet morning in the city. Although the funeral of King Baldwin V has just passed, perhaps there is no feeling for the child who has only been on the throne for less than a year. The people of Jerusalem began their day in the morning of the new day according to their own habits. With the sound of morning prayers, Lunge saw a small group of young men in friar robes walking through the narrow alleys. Looking at their obvious curvaceousness, Lunge felt uncomfortable. He knew that the teenagers were the children of the cathedral choir. I also know that these children are actually castrated eunuchs. It's a great irony. When Lunge passed the children, he saw the abnormal whiteness and beauty of several of their faces, which made him feel as if he had eaten something unclean. Although no one admits it, almost everyone knows the cruel fact that the church castrated the children in the choir in order to ensure that they could sing the sweetest and most innocent voice. These children were often sold to the church because their families could not support them. Therefore, no one cares whether these children are really forced to lose a precious part of their bodies in order to sing that kind of music. Lunge looked back at the children with emotion, looking at their backs, he suddenly thought that if he had not been attacked by Aseline. Maybe I'm already like these kids. Became a basket case like this,stainless steel shower tray, in. Spent a miserable life in some Egyptian palace. Thinking of this, Lunge's mouth could not help gently reciting the name of Aseline, a burst of indescribable lovesickness made his mood fall a lot.


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