Jinling Xiayin

Xie Hanyue sighed lightly, "It's useless to be careful. Experience and knowledge are the knowledge of life. If my eldest brother hadn't happened to be present, I wouldn't have known that I had suffered a loss today." Du Qing blinked his eyes, Xie Hanyue unders

Xie Hanyue sighed lightly, "It's useless to be careful. Experience and knowledge are the knowledge of life. If my eldest brother hadn't happened to be present, I wouldn't have known that I had suffered a loss today." Du Qing blinked his eyes, Xie Hanyue understood and kept silent. Du Qing took the horse and drove with Xie Hanyun. Xie Hanyue followed closely behind, and it didn't take much time to get back to Xie's house in Wuyi Lane. In order to conceal their whereabouts, they still went through the back door and drove the car directly into the center of the park. Xie Hanyue immediately drove away the maids waiting in the garden and ordered several relatives and sisters with swords to seal off all the roads around the garden. Every three people in a group, don't be nervous when you find any noise. Inform us immediately in the most confidential way! There were more than a dozen girls in the group, and they immediately split up. "Can they hold out?" Asked Du Qing. Xie Hanyue said with a smile, "Their martial arts are not as good as the sons and nephews of the Han family. The guards are much better than them. At least with your method, you won't be able to get in." Not believing it, Du Qing asked, "What if the other side also secretly controls them?" "It's no use," said Xie Hanyue! The three of them stood side by side on the same road, connected to each other by hidden threads. As long as one of them is plotted against and moves its position, the silk thread will be broken and the alarm bell will ring immediately. Du Qingdao: "Although this is a negative approach, it is much more effective!" Hsieh Han-yun said proudly, "It's all my eldest sister's idea!" Du Qing stretched out his tongue and said, "Fortunately, the Han family doesn't have this kind of talent. Otherwise, I wouldn't be able to get in today." Xie Hanyue said with a faint smile, "The Han family relies on their excellent swordsmanship. There are many children in the family. All of them are great. That's why they are negligent.". Our family is a woman,hydraulic fitting supplier, there is no proud place, so we have to think of some weak ways! Xie Hanyun said, "The defense outside is probably ready. Can we have a good talk?" "" Wait till your second sister comes, "said Hsieh Hanyue with a smile. Xie Hanyun was stunned. "Why are you waiting for her?" He asked. Xie Hanyue said: "Because this matter concerns the Xie family, she is also a member of the Xie family, naturally should let her know!" "Who knows where she has gone?" Asked Xie Hanyun. "It's not far," said Xie Hanyue. "It's just around the corner." Both Xie Hanyun and Du Qing were stunned and hurried to look around. Xie Hanyue said with a smile,pipe fittings manufacturer, "Second Sister, do you want me to invite you to come out?" As soon as the curtain was lifted, Xie Hanxing got out of the car. With a look of shame on his face, he walked up to them. First of all, he bent down to Du Qing and said, "Brother Du, I was too capricious before. I offended you a lot. Please forgive me!" Although Du Qing was deeply disgusted with her, she apologized first, but she was embarrassed to pursue it again. She had to smile and said, "There, there!"! I also have a bad place. "Why are you hiding in the car, Second Sister?" Cried Hsieh Hanyun. Xie Hanyue said, "It's a good thing she's hiding in the car. Otherwise, the Han family would be heavily guarded. It wouldn't be easy for her to get out." "Second Sister," said Hsieh Hanyue, tube fitting manufacturer ,stainless steel needle valve, "have you gone to the Han family, too?" Xie Hanxing said in a low voice, "I can't get in alone. Thanks to you and Brother Du, I took the opportunity to get in." Du Qing coughed lightly and said, "Did you sink that boat?" "Yes," said Xie Hanxing, "but I didn't think there would be anyone on the boat, because I couldn't see the people on the boat under the water, and I didn't know they were lying in the cabin with acupoints from you.." "Then why did you cut through the bottom of the boat?" Cried Xie Hanyun. "I did it for your convenience," said Xie Hanxing. Because the Han family patrolled the lake a lot, a boat parked on the water motionless, will inevitably arouse suspicion, is not everyone's line of hiding exposed? So I pushed the boat into the reeds and cut through the bottom of the boat, so that the hull was a little lower and could not be seen outside! "Second Sister," said Hsieh Hanyun, "you really didn't know there were people on the boat?" Xie Hanxing rolled his eyes and said, "Do you suspect that I killed them on purpose?"? You must think so, I do not deny, to be honest, really want to kill a few people of the Han family to vent their anger, if I know there are people above, must stab them a few swords, not even a living person! Tianma Scanning, Xuanhe OCR, Xiasheng Proofreading, Old Rain Building Exclusive Serialization : 37\ 019 The eighteenth chapter is about ten days of confusion. When Du Qing saw the two sisters quarreling, he quickly explained, "Hanyun, the second young lady never did it on purpose!" Xie Hanxing smiled and said, "Brother Du!"! You don't have to defend me. I know you can't clear up your doubts about me in your heart. That's why I tell the truth. If I want to kill someone, I will kill him happily. I will also admit that I was born with this kind of temper. Therefore, I will never repudiate the two dead people of the Han family. Tomorrow I will inform them and clear your suspicion! Du Qing was stunned and said, "That's not necessary!" "I must do this," said Xie Hanxing. "Anyway, I can't ask you to take the blame for me. But what I want to declare is that I didn't mean to drown them. I hate the Han family. I will never give up if I have the chance to throw them in the water to avenge the insults they suffered before. But that depends on my own ability. At least I won't pick up a ready-made bargain after you touch their cave!" She spoke hurriedly and quickly, and there was no room for people to interrupt, so Du Qing had no chance to open his mouth. When she finished, Du Qing had nothing to say. He saw that the girl was bold and forceful, spoke like a knife, and was arrogant by nature. If she went on, it would cause her misunderstanding. Xie Hanyue also felt that it was not appropriate to say any more. She frowned and said, "Second Sister!"! Let's talk about the Han family later. You don't have to inform them in a hurry. I'll take the lead and deal with them later! "I'll handle my own business," said Hsieh Han-hsing. "One man does the work, one man does the work. Why should I ask you to take the lead?" Xie Hanyue lowered her face and said, Second Sister! You also know that Niang has left home. In the future, I will be in charge of the Xie family. You must listen to my restraint! Xie Hanxing paused and said,stainless steel hydraulic fitting, "But if I don't admit it, they will blame Brother Du." Du Qing smiled and said, "They've settled their grudges with me. They won't let me go anyway. It would be better to blame me for this." 。 chinaroke.com


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