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Come on, so test it, waiting for my star array set up to complete, is when you are finished, Yang Ye thought in his heart, hands do not stop, even Gemini's attack can not shake his move, and Gemini seems to feel a little wrong, when the shadow cloud overhead again toward Yang Ye side

Come on, so test it, waiting for my star array set up to complete, is when you are finished, Yang Ye thought in his heart, hands do not stop, even Gemini's attack can not shake his move, and Gemini seems to feel a little wrong, when the shadow cloud overhead again toward Yang Ye side, Gemini after testing twice, this time, finally launched a strong offensive. A little shadow on the ground, there will be a shadow phantom body, and twenty or thirty shadows, there are twenty or thirty Gemini stood out from the shadow, these shadows phantom body appeared, immediately waving the lancet in his hand, toward Yang Ye, one after another, toward the holy light turtle shield. Chapter 225 parasitic seed. A lancet fell on the tortoise shield of the holy light, and each attack would refract a holy light, and then constantly reflect and finally shoot at the shadows that surrounded and killed them. However, this time Gemini obviously did not intend to return without success, allowing the shadows that rushed forward to be destroyed by the refracted holy light without retreating half a step. As long as has not been destroyed, raised the lancet mercilessly chop down, one two, the holy light turtle shield is worthy of the turtle shell, Leng is subjected to this dense knife light chop a few seconds, the light is refracted holy light all killed a small half of the shadow phantom body, but in the end, this holy light turtle shield still can not support. Peng, a holy light shield armor after another knife lancet fell, the condensation of the holy light finally can not bear,38 needle valve, all of a sudden broken open, but this side of the holy light shield armor fragmentation, but it is condensed a more thick than the previous refraction of the holy beam, after two rounds of reflection, directly in the position of another broken holy light armor, instant. The beam of holy light shot a big hole in the phantom body and turned it into a black smoke. One after another, the holy light shield armor is constantly broken, and the final refraction emission also makes the shadow phantom body around Yang Ye become rare, but these shadow phantom body is to follow up the victory, once again lift the lancet, high up, toward Yang Ye chop down. Hide! Nalan Bingyue suddenly stood up and shouted loudly,brass tube fitting, but the voice was directly drowned by the shouts of countless people around him, and there was a barrier of phantom water curtain, so the outside voice could not be transmitted to the arena at all. Yang Ye did not hide, but suddenly raised his head, showing a trace of the plot to succeed in the evil smile: "Wait for you for a long time, if earlier, perhaps there will be different results, but now, the stars array, time and space imprisonment!" Around Yang Ye, the seemingly chaotic soul source, with the activation of Yang Ye's mental power, was immediately lit up one by one, just like the night, the swaying stars, twinkling stars, these stars are not arranged at random, but according to the array of stars, when these stars rotate around Yang Ye, the time around suddenly stops, space is imprisoned. Several phantom bodies still keep the posture of holding the lancet high and waving down, but at this moment, ball valve manufacturer ,14 needle valve, they seem to have been immobilized, like wax figures fixed there, and in this star array, the only one who can move is Yang Ye, and in the space of this star array, all time is stopped, that is to say, everything that happens at this moment only happens in this second of the world. Yang Ye turned around, face side, this one is the same as the Gemini around, it seems that there is no difference, but only Yang Ye knows that this is the real Gemini, in the moment when the Holy Light Turtle Shield around Yang Ye broke, a shadow cloud projected down the shadow fell and moved to the front, and then this Gemini appeared, mixed in the other shadow phantom body, to give him a final blow. Unfortunately, Yang Ye's star array is the first to complete, and the appearance of the real body of Gemini is a bit like self-entrapment, otherwise Yang Ye has to spend some time in order to find him, but now it takes no time, Yang also has no nonsense, this star array can only last a little time, after all, the star energy that supports this star array depends on Yang Ye's soul power, and this soul power. At most, it will last for three to five minutes. This is much less than the time expected before, but there is no way, Yang Ye this star array is a reduced version, the complete version of the star array but there are tens of thousands of stars, want to finish the layout, there is no three or five quarters of an hour simply can not be completed, and whether the soul in his body can support it is the same thing. Three or five minutes, the time is obviously very urgent, although Yang Ye for soul control is no stranger, but not every use is so smooth, the key to soul control is to find a key, to open each other's soul door, but obviously Yang Ye has not mastered this profound skill, so can only rely on violence to break open, as a result, if the other side's resistance is not strong, it will succeed. If the resistance is strong, the chances of failure are high. Depend on, two minutes later, Yang Ye can not help but see sweat on his forehead, can not help but shout abuse, the Gemini soul is too stubborn, or faith is too firm, just like a person of faith, his spiritual strength is particularly strong, will not be easily shaken, even if it is dead, can not be shaken. And Gemini, is the hell arena since childhood to cultivate the dead, since childhood instilled a belief, and in the support of this belief, Gemini's soul power is particularly strong, at least, in three or five minutes, Yang Ye simply has no way out. There is no other way to guard the old turtle! Yang Ye is also a little anxious, time is constantly passing, he has little time left. Way, no, if it is the natural obsequious girl, may also be able to do, but the master you, in this respect is really barely satisfactory, only violent destruction of the other side's resistance, but this result, seven or eight in ten will make it an idiot,hydraulic fitting manufacturer, cerebral palsy, and other...? "Have you thought of something? Come on!" "Maybe the owner can try the parasitic seed, if the owner thinks it's worth it!" The old turtle hesitated for a moment and said.


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