Daxia's knife cuts Daxia.

"It's the same thing!" Talking and laughing, his eyes lit up and he said, "It's just that one is from stillness, and the other is from movement."

"It's the same thing!" Talking and laughing, his eyes lit up and he said, "It's just that one is from stillness, and the other is from movement." Yan Shuangshuang sighed lightly and said with feeling, "This school of martial arts is broad and profound. The strength of you and me is just a touch of fur." "Ha ha ha, why are you so frustrated?" Talking and laughing, he said in a loud voice, "The family teacher once said that there are five great conversions in this school, namely, the Buddha, the Dharma, the monk, the teacher, and self-confidence.". With self-confidence, why can't it be done? "That's what Mr. Tan said!" Yan Shuangshuang gave a gift and said with a light smile, "This kind of style is exactly what a little girl needs to learn a lot." Yan Damei was polite in this compartment, but it made him uneasy to talk and laugh. He laughed twice and did not know how to reply. At that moment, someone tapped outside the door. Mr. Tan, Miss, are you ready? It was Hong Xiang who asked. All right,precision welded tubes, come in! Yan Shuangshuang returned, but a little surprised, not only Hongxiang, but also Haralu came. What's wrong Talking and laughing, he frowned and asked, "Did he find out what happened when you went into Shenshu's room?" With a wry smile, Haralu glanced at him and said, "You guessed right!" "All right!" "Looks like he's been here,beam impact tubes," he said with a wry smile. "Yes!" Haralu took one look at Hong Xiang and sat down dejectedly. "Tell me!" He said. Hong Xiang hesitated for a moment, shrugged her shoulders and said, "It's very simple. That Ge Shenshu has come and asked him for another wooden wind chime." Talking and laughing, he hesitated for a moment and exclaimed, "Another wooden wind chime?"? On you? Haralu nodded with a wry smile and said with a deep sigh, "I'm also a descendant of the wooden wind chimes, but I can't imagine that my martial arts are so poor!" Hong Xiang said indignantly, "What's more infuriating is that that guy, Ge Shenshu, did whatever he could to poison Haralu and force him to hand him over!" Yan Shuangshuang's eyes flashed and she asked, "Is there a secret in the wooden wind chimes?"? Do you have to force him to get it by this means? With a sigh, Haralu made it clear what had just happened. With a big frown, he looked at Haralu and asked, "What are you going to do?" "What am I going to do?" Haralu smiled and asked, stainless steel 304 pipes ,aluminium coated steel tube, "But what are you going to do?" "Me?" Talking and laughing with a bitter face is really a nerve-racking thing. Originally, Haralu must have had a hard time when something happened to him. The first thing, of course, is to detoxify you! He looked at Yan Shuangshuang with a smile and said, "You two women are responsible for this!" Yan Shuangshuang took one look at the blood hole on Haralu's neck, nodded and said, "This poison should be able to be solved by the Great Free Mind View of Wuxiang Paramita Divine Skill." "Another thing." Laughing, he shrugged his shoulders and said, "I'll have to let my brother do the work." "That's the best!" Haralu smiled happily and said, "It's really a pleasant thing to make friends with you!" On a snowy night, there are only two kinds of people who knock at the door. One is a friend. One is the enemy. Ge Shenshu immediately decided that the man outside was not a friend. Because his friend would never enter the house in this way. Come in Geshenshu fiddled with the fire and said lightly, "If you have feet!" Talking and laughing certainly have feet, and they are a very powerful pair. He sat on the opposite side of Geshenshu and said, "Wine!"! Damn it, is it all right if there is no wine in this weather? Shen Shu's right hand stretched out, shrank and put down, and there was a pair of wine bottles on the table. Look at the capacity, at least half a bucket. OK Talking and laughing, even without a bowl, is a big mouthful of "grunt", and then forcefully "bang" down the bottle, a long sigh of relief. Each Shen Shu's eyelids did not move. "What's the matter?" He said lightly. Nonsense. This weather is not like when you're looking for someone to drink and crack your teeth. I want Zhang Sanfeng's wooden wind chimes! Talking and laughing, he opened his mouth directly and said, "It's not the fake one you put casually.". Hey, what I want is the one that really comes from the hands of Taishi Ziyu! Each Shen Shu raised his eyebrows and was able to hold his breath. "Ha ha ha, a guy of unknown origin!" Ge Shenshu's eyes flashed and he said coldly, "Are you talking and laughing outside the Shanhaiguan Pass, which has caused a sensation recently?" "Exactly!" "Very good!" "Okay?"? That's all right! With a smile, Mr. Tan stretched out his right hand and opened five fingers. "Bring it," he said. Shen Shu's pupils flashed a few times and finally burst out laughing. So that's it! He laughed and said, "The old man Haralu collected you!" "Is it?"? Probably! "" The tone of the joke was unfathomable, deliberately making Shen Shu himself confused. I can only say that you are unlucky to be caught by me when you go to find the old man! "He must not be a problem as long as you are settled," he said with a smile. Listening to the tone, the more people believe that talking and laughing have nothing to do with Haralu. What's the use of wooden wind chimes? Shen Shu's eyebrows flashed. Hey, I know when people don't know! Talking and laughing, he leaned forward, reached out and grabbed the bottle with another big mouthful. He was so slow that he made Shen Shu a little anxious and angry. Calm down! Talking and laughing, he picked the right time and said with a smile, "Are you afraid that this secret will be discovered by others?"? Ha ha ha, there's no bullshit martial arts on those three wooden bells. Shen Shu stood up and opened his eyes. "What else do you want to say?" He sneered. "Because you are the chess piece that feather tea hides here!" He laughed and said, "What a terrible play you've put on!" Shen Shu's eyebrows coldly tied together, he did not know where he revealed, why this boy would know? "First.". The dead are all the people of Yan Qianshou in Tianma Gambling Workshop! "Second," he said, "how could Zhuang Changshou escape every time?" The eldest son smiled and said, "Third,beam impact tubes, who put the hidden weapon to kill Bu Wen?"? Hey hey, except Zhuang Changshou can do it behind his back, it's impossible to shoot three feet away with the weight of the hidden weapon in a snowy day! "Do you know the identity of Zhuang Changshou?" Said Ge Shenshu coldly. 。 cbiesautomotive.com


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