Samsung conspiracy

"The President?"? It is because he is the president that the money is deposited in Switzerland. Did Roh Tae-woo save it? His daughter in the United States, Lu Suying, also deposited huge amounts of money in Swiss banks.

"The President?"? It is because he is the president that the money is deposited in Switzerland. Did Roh Tae-woo save it? His daughter in the United States, Lu Suying, also deposited huge amounts of money in Swiss banks. Leaders of backward or authoritarian countries deposit money in Swiss banks because they don't know when there will be demonstrations or coups and they will be expelled overseas. Tae-young nodded his head. If it's a domestic deposit, the top leader's target is so obvious that it's easy to find out. What if it's deposited in a foreign bank? Can it be easily found? "It may not be easy, but it's not impossible." "You say it's not impossible?" "Yes, Philippine President Marcos once had more than $500 million in secret deposits in Swiss banks, which were later returned to the Philippines." "So we have that possibility, too?" "What is possible?" "Get the money back in the name of the people." "In principle, it is possible, as in the case of the Philippines, but it is not easy. The Ethiopian dictator, Emperor Selassie I, also had savings in Switzerland, but the Swiss used various excuses not to return the money to the nationals of the countries concerned." "It's a bit self-contradictory!" "Yes, there are no fixed rules." "So,collapsible pallet box, is it possible for Chun Doo-hwan to get the money back after Park Chung-hee's death?" "Well, there should be two ways." "Two ways?" "First of all, we can use the heir." "Use the heir?" "Yes, if Park Chung-hee's family issued a power of attorney to Chun Doo-hwan and authorized him, that would be possible.". The proof that Park Chung-hee's secret funds were deposited in a Swiss bank must be left to his family, who authorized Chun Doo-hwan,plastic pallet bins, so that Chun Doo-hwan could get the money back in his own name. "But will President Park Chung-hee's family issue a power of attorney?" "I don't think so, but who knows what's going on in the world?"? At that time, Chun Doo-hwan posed as the successor of Park Chung-hee and claimed that he would protect his family. Perhaps there was a secret deal that was not known. "We can't rule out the possibility that Park Chung-hee's family was deceived by Chun Doo-hwan." "Yes." "What about the second way?" "Chun Doo-hwan can also deal with Swiss banks without his family's knowledge." "How?"? That's almost impossible. "Chun Doo-hwan can apply to the Swiss Bank in the name of a national of the Republic of Korea, saying that Park Chung-hee's funds are national funds, and you will have to return them sooner or later.". I am the representative of Korea, so you can give it back to me, so it is possible to get the money out. "But it seems that Swiss banks will not easily agree to such a proposal, right?" "Of course not, but sometimes such an offer works well. In the Marcos case, didn't the Swiss bank give the money back?" "Yes." "If Chun Doo-hwan uses this method, then the Swiss bank will consider it carefully, secondary containment pallet ,collapsible pallet bin, and then the two sides will find another way." "What can be done?" "That was Chun Doo-hwan's compromise, and the two divided up the huge sum of money." "Is there a precedent for this?" "A drug dealer born in the United States found a secret deposit in a Swiss bank and asked for it back. Finally, the Americans and the Swiss bank reached an agreement, one half." "I see." Yilin side with Taiying analysis, while combing the train of thought, he seems to have found the clues of the matter. Of course, whether Park Chung-hee deposited the money in a Swiss bank, and how Chun Doo-hwan planned to take it out, is still an unsolved mystery. However, one of the reasons why Jun-woo is very concerned about UBS is that it is related to Park Chung-hee's secret funds, and this reasoning is still possible. Why did Jun-woo do that? Although it was not clear yet, Yilin was very satisfied, so he said to Taiying with a smile: Anyway, thank you very much. Thanks to reporter Kim, we finally got some answers. "I didn't do anything, just listen to you." "In fact, it's very tiring to listen to others." "It's true, senior. By the way, I have something to tell you." "What is it?" "The Withroy Consortium.". ” "Withroy?"? Did you find anything special? "I felt suspicious, so I searched the Internet and found an interesting report." "What report?" "Not long ago, a student in our country won the 18th place in the World Mathematics Competition, and someone was willing to offer a huge scholarship to that student." "So the consortium offering the scholarship is the Withroy Consortium?" "Yes." "What's so strange about that?" There are two suspicious points. First, why is it only available to the 18th student? Do you know that our students almost won the first few places in this competition? "No, I don't." "The top 20 of our students account for 60%, not only this year, but almost every year." "Then the 18th student is not the best." "Yes, but isn't it strange that only scholarships are offered to him?" "Well, what else is suspicious?" "The amount of the scholarship is far beyond our imagination." "How many?" "The full cost of tuition and living expenses from now until the award of the doctorate." "Is it?" "All the funds needed to study at any university in any country will be provided." "That's a huge sum of money, unconditionally?" "On the surface, it seems completely unconditional." "Is it?"? So there are some doubts as you said. "Yes, there is something strange in it." The next day, when Yilin arrived at the newspaper office, the telephone rang as soon as he sat down. Yes, I'm Zheng Yilin. "Reporter Zheng, I am Li Junyu's wife." The call was from Mrs. Junyu. There is a strange email in Junyu's email box. "Mail?"? I checked it last time. Is there any new mail? "No,plastic pallet manufacturer, Junyu also has a mailbox, which is applied in my name." "What's the matter?" "Junyu applied for another mailbox with my name and ID number, as if he was in contact with someone." 。


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