Legend of the Rebirth of Sasuke of the Hokage

"To the peacock!!!" Kai jumped up in the air and stood in front of Baqi. His hands were full of flames, and he blasted at Baqi at a speed that was difficult to distinguish with the naked eye.

"Puff, puff." The tremor of the earthen wall blocked the water arrow. "Cut!"! What a force! Jianyi delivered Chakra angrily, "I can't hold up a little." Hateful! Mingming's Ninjutsu should restrain it! "It seems to be able to use all the ninjutsu." Said Mr. Soul in a deep voice, "Be careful." "Feng Dun!"! Spiral pills! The familiar voice appeared clearly in everyone's ears. Shui Dun! Broken rush! "Naruto." Sasuke was greatly surprised, when this boy. "The art of Hurricane Vortex!!!" The tornado composed of water swept across the body of the eight branches in an instant. "I'm sorry." Kakashi, Naruto, Sakura, Akai, Xiao Li, Ningji, Tiantian, and a strange black-haired teenager appeared in front of Sasuke. "We're late!" Naruto rubbed his nose proudly, "but the main characters come out at the critical moment!" People are sweating wildly. Where did this boy come from? Darn it Heart a face of contempt, "but look at him is to help." Forget it. "This boy." It's so awesome. Or the second time to see Naruto, Naruto's strength shocked him, it is almost catching up with me! Konoha. Sure enough, not to be underestimated! He took a meaningful look at Sasuke. This boy. Lone Star was also very unhappy. "Are you stealing my limelight?" "This scene." Jianyi drooled, "how much is the appearance fee." Mr. Soul also looked at Sasuke confusedly. "Is this guy in his right mind?" "It's so humiliating." This guy.. Sasuke thought to himself with black lines all over his face. Hateful Hachiki came out of the dust as if nothing had happened, and his eight heads looked angrily at Naruto. Nine tails.. Orochimaru suddenly smiled mysteriously. "Lord Baqi." Dou also reacted, "that child." It's nine tails! Voice just fell, the audience suddenly felt more intense pressure than just now, "what." Nine tails.. His voice was full of anger,industrial racking systems, fear, shame, and.. Insane! "Die!!!" Eight heads aimed at Naruto roared in unison. "Fire Dun!"! The salamander bites! A snakehead released the Ninjutsu of fire escape from his mouth. Feng Dun! Wind snake bite! One of the snakeheads also used ninjutsu, but it didn't stop, and the rest of the snakeheads were furious one by one. Shui Dun! Water snake mist! "Tu Dun!"! Earth snake burial! "Lei Dun!"! Razer! "Ice Dun!"! Ice snake sting! "Mudun!"! Wooden snake bundle! "Illusion!"! Magic Snake Tide! All the S-level tricks rushed to Naruto, and Naruto could not escape. "The art of shadow separation!" Jumped up to use the shadow Fen Shen, Naruto saw the massive Ninjutsu attack on himself, although not confused, looking at the Ninjutsu attack on himself, left. Right Front Behind Above Below Hateful! There is no gap! Do you have to fight hard. "Spiral pills!" Naruto used the spiral pill, which was much stronger than before in terms of speed and strength. At the same time, Teardrop Pallet Racking ,shuttle rack system, the Shadow Fen Shen grabbed Naruto and threw him at the Ochii Thunder Dun Ninjutsu. "Ha!" Although it is the basis of S-pole Ninjutsu, it is at best A-level Ninjutsu. But the advantage of this trick is not the scope. It's an attack! Therefore, his attack power is no worse than the general S-level Ninjutsu. "Crack, crack, crack." The spiral pill hit Razer, Naruto's wrist shook gently, the direction of the force changed, Naruto spun and slid away to the other side. "Hiss.." It hurts Naruto, who had climbed up from the ground in a mess, shook his slightly numb hand. "What is this?" "Hehehehe." Orochimaru, standing on the top of his head, smiled coldly, "You." It's still early! "What!" Naruto watched in shock as the eight giant snakes that he thought had been flashed rushed toward him. "Damn it!" Naruto used his strength to jump away and escape most of the attacks, but there was still a wind snake that made Naruto too late to get out. "Eight Diagrams Empty Palm!" Ning Ji drank loudly and hit the mouth of the wind snake, which was opening its mouth to bite. "Bang!" With a muffled sound, the wind snake gave a slight blow under the full force of Ningji, although it was only a pause, but it had already let Naruto escape. Although Naruto escaped, the eight giant snakes still clung to Naruto. "Damn it!" Naruto did not look at the eight giant snakes in front of him. "Are you going to use this trick so soon." Kakashi lifted his forehead with a solemn face. Go back! Sasuke, who suddenly appeared in front of Naruto, stared at the eight giant snakes with a Wanhua mirror and shouted coldly, because the blood boundaries stolen from the Xuanyuan family exerted their power, and the eight S-level Ninjutsu attacked Hachiki under Sasuke's ability. "What!" Everyone was so shocked that they put eight powerful ninjutsu. Fight back? "Boom!" "Cut!" Sasuke's body shook slightly, his face turned slightly white, and it was still too laborious. So many high-level ninjutsu. Hateful I'm going to eat you! Hachiki's roar shocked everyone, hit by so many S-level ninjutsu, but also so energetic? "Which is what?" Ningji's face changed and he looked at the white serpent swaying on his body and murmured. Looking at the mouth of the mouth bleeding, has been unconscious, looking at the head of the white snake with strange hair, cold eyes, contains joy and greed, "that look.." Sasuke slightly sneer, "so, is the body a white scale snake." It's not human anymore! Fallen guy. "Ah, ah, ah, ah!"! The sixth door! Jingmen. Open!!!! Kai could not continue to retain,mobile racking systems, he knew that the other side has not fully recovered to give a heavy blow! Completely different from Xiao Li's triviality, he opened the sixth door at one time. "Ha!" The roar of the eight branches of black chakra rushed to the crowd. "To the peacock!!!" Kai jumped up in the air and stood in front of Baqi. His hands were full of flames, and he blasted at Baqi at a speed that was difficult to distinguish with the naked eye. jracking.com


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