The Beauty of Friendship - Let's Keep Connecting

There is nothing as important in this life as people. Your family, your colleagues, your classmates, your churchmates, your neighbours and everyone you get to interact with as you go on with your daily activities mean a lot. They are a central part of your life.

What comes to your mind when you hear the term 'relationship?' Most of us will hear that word and their minds cross over to issues of dating, courting, love, marriage and so on. That is how the human mind has been tuned by the modernity. We fail to see people with an eye of relationships and there we miss the whole point.

Human beings are social beings; social beings are relational. There is always a reason and purpose as to why we get to meet the people we do. Anytime you come by someone try to see them deeper than just strangers. That's how friendships are built.

It's true most people cannot really explain from where and how friednships come, but the fact remains that friendships are beautiful. It feels good to be with friends, to talk to them and listen to their stories. Friendships give peace to troubled souls. That is why it is important to always check on your friends. Such a gesture brings some healing with it.

Friendships are a means of living. You can't be survivng on this planet without friends. Even when they can't give you food, friends help you bear the pangs of hunger. And when they can't make you stop crying, they cry with you until you forget why you were really crying. Friendship is not about affluence- you only need a good heart to be a good friend. What did I just say? Is there something like 'a bad friend?' Of course, no. You are either a good friend to someone or you are not their friend at all.

Friendship is all about love, peace, understanding, caring, being available, showing kindness, correcting, guiding, helping out and such. It can only be beautiful; when it shows some ugly traits, then that is something else.

Yes, friendship is beautiful! Let's keep connecting. Let's work towards being good to others. realtionships are very essential, we ought to value them.

Sarah Maimuna

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