A Blu-ray box set of "HOUSE OF PSYCHOTIC WOMEN: RARITIES COLLECTION" is forthcoming.

On August 30, the compilation, which contains the songs "Identikit," "I Like Bats," and "Footprints," will be available.

A Blu-ray box set of "HOUSE OF PSYCHOTIC WOMEN: RARITIES COLLECTION" is forthcoming (exclusive).


On August 30, the compilation, which contains the songs "Identikit," "I Like Bats," and "Footprints," will be available.




The "House of Psychotic Women: Rarities Collection," a brand-new box set collection of movies, has been announced by Severin Films. Collider is thrilled to offer an exclusive first look at the set of this five-film compilation, which will be selected and produced by Kier-La Janisse and be released on August 30.




The box set is also connected to Janisse's 2012 book House of Psychotic Ladies, which takes a close look at some of the most well-known women in the genre via her own personal lens, and will soon celebrate its tenth anniversary. Additionally, it is connected to the upcoming release of the famous book's new, extended version. According to its official summary, House of Psychotic Women is a "autobiographical investigation of female illness in horror and exploitation films." The book, according to Molly Ringwald, is for the "both the horror enthusiast and the horror novice. Janisse challenges the viewer to reevaluate the movies in all of their complexity by incorporating her own life into an incredibly personal analysis of the genre. This novel was engrossing, unexpected, and moving, and I devoured it." The book continues to be regarded as the definitive examination of the subject ten years after it first appeared on the market.



Janisse now offers four of the "strongest and oddest explorations of onscreen insanity and hysteria" in honor of the book's anniversary. Every movie in this collection has been meticulously restored using materials from the original vault, and hours of Special Features created just for this collection have been included. In addition, this will be the first time that any of these movies will be released on American Blu-ray.



The box set will contain several movies, including the 1974 Giuseppe Patroni film Identikit, which stars Elizabeth Taylor. According to the movie's official synopsis, the plot centers on a "disturbed woman who arrives in Rome to find a city fragmented by autocratic law, leftist violence, and her own increasingly irrational mission to find the most dangerous liaison of all." I Like Bats, a dark comedy-horror movie from 1986 that Grzegorz Warchol co-wrote and directed, is the second movie in the collection. sees Katarzyna Walter's portrayal of a female vampire find love. Additionally, the box set contains both the US Cut and the original Italian versions of Luigi Bazzoni's 1975 film Footprints, which stars Florinda Bolkan as a freelance translator who wakes up one morning with no memory of the previous three days.



The Other Side of the Underneath, which Jane Arden adapted from her stage play A New Communion for Freaks, Prophets, and Witches in 1972, serves as the collection's concluding film. It is a "nightmarish exploration of reason, chaos, and her own battles with mental illness unlike anything audiences have seen before or since," according to the collection's website. Sheila Allen and Ann Lynn star in the lone female-directed British feature picture of the 1970s. Arden and visual artist Penny Slinger.



Exclusive bundles, which come with items like signed copies of the House of Psychotic Women book, a book bag, an Identikit scarf, an I Like Bats Reproduction Czech poster, and a sleep mask inspired by the Footprints movie, are also available straight from the store. 

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