Two ladies conceive an offspring while at the same time going to Kenya Kwanza rally in Kisii

Kisii governorship wannabe Ezekiel Machogu during a convention at his home in Nyaribari Masaba Constituency.

Two moderately aged ladies conceived an offspring while at the same time going to a Kenya Kwanza rally in Kisii on Monday evening.


The two showed up at the Kisii UDA governorship competitor Ezikel Machogu's Nyaribari Masaba home minutes on Monday morning prepared to go to the booked political meeting.


They each brought forth child young men in a distinction of 30 minutes.


Old ladies who were essential for the get-together went about as birthing specialists and effectively helped the two through work and conveyance.


The two moms remained at Machogu's home over the course of the day as he vowed to deal with the babies.


"This is a gift to my family and I vow to give them the essential help," said Machogu.


The convention was additionally gone to by other UDA competitors including Kisii Deputy Governor Joash Maangi, Party facilitator Okengo Nyambane and South Mugirango MP Slyvanous Osoro.

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