5 Ways to Prevent Fire in the Workplace

Around 9 million fire incidents and 12 lakhs deaths were recorded globally in 2020. Though it is not a common incident, we need to take precautions to save lives as well as property.

To help you make the correct choice for the fire safety, here are six ways to prevent fire in the workplace. 

1) Fire Blankets:

Fire blankets are used to control the fire by turning off the heat source. It helps cut off the fire’s oxygen supply and prevent it from spreading. These are easily stored and do not require any kind of maintenance. 

It is advisable to keep the fire blankets near electrical equipment, especially in a workplace where there can be fire with just a spark of short circuit, or faulty electrical wirings. These are mainly used to extinguish electrical fires which cannot be extinguished with water.

You need to pull the tapes to release it from the box and hold it in the form of a sheet or wrap it around the hands for your protection. You need to place the fire blankets over the fire to smother the blaze of the fire. Then you need to leave it to cool completely and ensure that the fire is fully extinguished.  

2) Fire Extinguishers:

Every location must have fire extinguishers on site. These should come handy and easy to access. It should be placed such that it is properly visible when needed and properly charged. It needs to be inspected on a regular basis. 

These are often used as the first line of defence, as it helps save property and lives. It helps save cost, and causes less damage to the property as compared to other products. These are mainly installed high on a wall, especially near the exit. 

You need to pull the pin and aim it lower towards the ground. Then, you need to squeeze the lever slowly and periodically sweep it from side to side.

3) Fire Suppression System:

Fire suppression systems are an essential aspect in saving lives during fire. Commercial fire sprinklers have helped save many workplaces and property. It helps to reduce the smoke, heat, and flames. It helps fire from spreading by completely extinguishing it. 

It has built-in components to detect fire in the early stages. The components detect a flame or smoke in the beginning, which helps initiate the alarm. So, it has greater chances of being subdued before it can spread out more. It has an active fire protection method because it has triggered response in case of fire. 

There are many types of fire suppression systems. So, you need to keep your requirements and size of the property in mind while buying it. 

4) Smoke Alarms:

Alarms form an active system. It helps cut the risk of fires to half. These can detect all kinds of fires like the flaming one which has already spread as well as the smoldering one, which especially takes place in the workplace. 

It comes with its own maintenance, like you test the smoke alarms every month and replace their batteries, even when not used at least once a year. Also, it is important to replace the alarm once every ten years. 

5) Carbon Monoxide Alarms:

Carbon monoxide alarms are necessary for any workplace. These alarms alert people if there is carbon monoxide in the air. Since it is odourless and invisible, it is not possible for normal people to just see it. 

This gas is created when fuels like methane, propane or natural gas are not completely burnt. 


It is important for the property owners at the workplace to ensure that their property has fire safety measures. Though fires are not frequent, it is still important to make sure that your property is safe and well protected. It is important to have the right kind of equipment and extinguisher that is placed correctly. It should be handy, easy to access, and fully functioning only then it can be used at the time of an emergency.

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