Instead of gifting your child a new toy, consider the following benefits of family vacations.


Create strong family bonds

For parents, life at home is filled with responsibilities. These make it necessary for you to take some time and experience adventure.

During family vacations, families get uninterrupted time to interact and explore new places with their children. This relaxed time creates an everlasting bond between the members of the family.

Aid in brain development

Other than the theoretical learning in schools, children need to be exposed to practical experiences which a family vacation provides. The new environment provides the child with new experiences in social, physical and sensory interaction among other members of the society.

Help to reduce stress

Parents’ inability to set aside work-related stress from family life has significant consequences for kids. This is because the more stressed the parent is, the less supportive they are when responding to issues affecting their children.

When you take some time off work for a good vacation, it will help to drain all the   stress and leave a happy family behind

Expand social awareness

Every place provides an opportunity for the family to learn and expand their understanding of the world. By doing so, it helps them discover a world that is completely different from theirs and learn that people experience life differently.

Interactions with people of different calibres boost the social and interpersonal skills which are necessary for navigating the challenges in life.

Valuable experiences that last for a lifetime

What makes a vacation memorable isn’t necessarily the destination, but rather the memories your family creates during the time of your adventure. The vivid memories become part of our identities that might even help us in dealing with life challenges by acting as 'happiness anchors'

Be it a single day trip or a big vacation, remember that these are reminiscences of family holidays that bring joy and happiness to the family and trust me the memories are worth cherishing.

Joshua Asiago

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