Carda Station Metaverse Announces an Experience on the Moon



Carda Station, a Cardano metaverse set on the moon, is available for you to experience by hopping on to their website. You can now also get your hands on Carda Station lands by participating in their frequent giveaways. More details on how to participate are there right at the bottom of this article.


We are living in unreal times when the metaverse is gradually becoming a household term. As suggested by various media outlets, most of us will be spending a significant amount of time through our digital avatars in the metaverse.


With a host of new projects being developed and launched daily, there will be a plethora of metaverse options available. Although most metaverse projects are being built to be interoperable, most people will probably have a few they interact with most. 


What makes Carda Station distinct is the delivery of a fun, unique world that allows you to experience life on the moon in the comfort of your home.


While projects like SpaceX Blur Origin are working to allow mankind to touch the surface of space, let’s face it – accessible, affordable space tourism is a distant dream.


So, what is Carda Station?

On Carda Station, you can hang out and live on the moon as an in-game character and interact with other players through games, events, treasure hunts, etc.


Want to race lunar rovers? Visit historical landing sites? Attend concerts on the moon? Carda Station allows you to do all this and more! You can also build your own house, sell real-life items and NFTs or just spend time gazing at the universe from a new perspective.


Key milestones Carda Station has achieved:


10,000 plots of Carda Station land sold out within 24 hours in January

There is true NFT utility on Carda Station. You can view the rovers (cars) you own and drive them around the moon

You can already deploy one of two pre-built structures on your plot: A flag of your country, and a rotating NFT display to show off your collection.

For those with some 3D modeling skills, you can build your own structures on your plots. Some in the community have been very creative, chapels and mazes can already be found on Carda Station

What will make owning the land on Carda Station a valuable proposition?

Well, there are a lot of plans moving forward for Carda Station to create an even better in-game experience for you.


Players will soon be able to create their own structures on the land that they own without 3D modeling skills via a seamless, easy-to-use platform.


In the near future, you can have your own unique avatars in the game, which can change clothes too based on the indoor outdoor conditions of the space. They want your avatar well-protected out there on the surface of the moon!


In addition to that, they will be launching the Carda Station Companions feature soon. How cool would it be to roam around with cute minions and monsters on the station by your side! 


Multiplayer experiences are on their way! Soon you will be able to see other people doing cool stuff in Carda Station around you. Your avatar will be able to interact engage with other avatars.


This will allow us to build out several games like Rover racing, Jetpack racing, Treasure hunts, etc. These are soon on the Cards at Carda! 


Last but not least, Carda Station’s native token, $CAST, has been announced with free token airdrops for landholders on their way in April. You can read about their token distribution strategy and more on this by hopping over to their website or reading the Litepaper.


Carda Station Land NFTs are now up for grabs!

Carda Station’s constant endeavor is to make being on the moon’s metaverse an incredibly fun experience for you. Land and inventory items are fully sold out and are only available on secondary markets.


How to buy Carda Station land NFTs – Click here.


Giveaway details:


Carda Station – Your own metaverse on the moon!

They are giving away precious lands on the moon soon where you can experience what life can be like at 1/6th of earth’s gravity.


How to connect with Carda Station – 


Follow @Carda_Station on Twitter. 

Join them on Discord.

Follow them on Instagram.

Follow them on YouTube.

Project Documentation Additional Details.


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