Tips on how can to raise your child to be more religiously tolerant and inclusive


Be brave enough to educate yourself

If parents want their children to learn about religious sensitivity and inclusion, they have to practice and model it themselves. One way to do this is by expanding your own knowledge of each other’s religious beliefs so you can teach your children to choose where they feel more connected. Do not impose on them or one another your beliefs.


Be honest about your own biases

For your children to truly have a better understandingof religious inclusivity, you must be honest about any biases or prejudices you have. Exploring with your kids how hurtful religious and denominational biases and prejudices can originate and grow over time, and how becoming better informed can counter them, goes a long way toward helping children develop healthier attitudes about diversity and acceptance.


Have honest conversations about your beliefs

Make a point to talk to your children about different beliefs and how and why they are different from and/or similar to your own. You may be surprised by how much your kids already know. Define what 'religious tolerance' means and have your kids do some research on the topic. Then, discuss what they learned during dinner. The key here is to help your children gain a better understanding of other religions through open, honest conversations where they can ask questions and freely express what they think.


Be forgiving to others and yourself

Often times, people misjudge or misunderstand a person or a group of persons simply because they don’t know anything about them as individuals. These situations of 'religious ignorance' can provide excellent teaching moments for you and your children. You will find out that sometimes, making the first move to be friendly and kind to others is the best way to head off uncomfortable situations and set a positive example for your kids.

Everlyne Onami

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