To hours of fasting or you get into you know

To hours of fasting or you get into you know  Slim Now Keto  the time time restricted feeding i think that's i like that term much more because it's really very specific to what they're doing um you know i if that's working for you great Music yeah absolutely thanks so much and listening to this provocative conversation about that we're going to have also an interview after which will be online and recorded Is a combination of resting metabolic rate the thermic effect of food physical activity and nonexercise activity thermogenesis resting metabolic rate or rmr is the number of calories that you burn each day simply at rest rmr supports body functions like breathing blood circulation organ function and brain function and is largely dependent on genetics age sex weight and possibly gut microflora as well rmr represents about percent of our energy output aka our metabolism now the thermic effect of food or tee is the amount of energy or calories required to eat digest and absorb food the amount of energy expenditure varies per macronutrient for example carbohydrates and fat require five to fifteen percent of your energy output to digest while protein requires twenty to thirty five percent then there's physical activity which is the energy expenditure during purposeful activity like going to the gym or going for a walk or riding your bike etc obviously this piece is highly variable depending on an individual's unique activity level and then there's nonexercise activity thermogenesis or neat and that is all the little unconscious things that you may do that use up energy like fidgeting or sitting up straight which i'm bad at playing a musical instrument twirling your hair anxiously etc this makes up about to of your total energy output so to summarize changes.



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