I do it with my even my um wash day I do it with my even my um wash day

Valotin I do it with my even my um wash day routine so hot oil treatment Out look like how my hair looks when it's straight so i was like i can just do this instead of shading my whole hair like i'll just straighten my leave out everything's great it's fine great so i did i had um two leave out weaves the first one was the um first one was the middle part second one was for that was my birthday and then for prom i did a side part and they're both fine like i'd like them both and then um yes those are both leave out leave out leave about diva and so my leave out was getting more heat damage than the rest of my hair obviously because the rest of my hair was not getting straightened but i didn't really care because i was like the this part of my hair is healthy so in my head it made sense in.My head i was like i'm doing something good in the beginning of  i actually flew to virginia to try out for cheer and i ended up making the team at hampton university so i did cheer at hampton university for two years and when i made the team i was told that when you cheer you have to have your hair down so that meant like down with curls you could do your natural hair like to have natural curls or you could do like straight with like um wand curls or like a weave a wig anything it has to be down with curls so.



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