Give women the opportunity to "chase" you. - Become unpredictable. - Be that ambitious, passionate man on a mi

Give women the opportunity to "chase" you. - Become unpredictable. - Be that ambitious, passionate man on a mission. - Always be one step ahead of her which makes her feel like she's always "catching up" Take her on a rollercoaster of emotions.
When she sa


#season 2

Episode 15

(Revenge Or Love)


 I felt tha was the right moment i needed to know the truth

i saw you coming out of the vip room Royal stayed,before the doctor complain his memory has been edited,have you find the truth,i ask them

no,,i,,eh, they both stammered

if you cant do it,i will hire someone to do it for me,i yell angrily,then took a breath before saying

You should have check the finger print! i took you both as my son,i flared up

Is not what you think mom,Daniel said

then what! i yell at them

who did it,just the name! i demanded

Sylvia,Daniel replied

i didnt wait for what so ever they wanted to say before dashing out of the room,straight to Sylvia


i was trying to explain everything chris did to my nanny,who look she's seen a ghost,when Mrs Antonia Bang Into My Room,well my bodyguards let her entered because of who she is

I thought you love my son,but you only fool around him,How Dare You temper with his memory,she bark angrily






#season 2

Episode 16

(revenge Or Love)



Before i knew it,a slap landed on my face,again and again,blood spilt out of my nose and mouth,i look up to see Derek and Daniel trying to stop her

worthless thing,she spat as she push me to the floor

i will send you to jail,poor idiot like you,who#039;s ready to do anything just to gain my son attention

I couldnt take it anymore,i couldnt control myself out of the pains,i was going through that moment

Is it because,i dont have a mother,because am a bastard child,is it i love your son,i said as tears run down my eyes

Is love a crime? because am not His standard,is it because i put his life first,before mine

I didnt notice that Emilia and Salvador were there,as i continue

because no one cherish me,get out! get out of my room now!

i saw Derek runing towards me,but i gave him " Dont you dare" look

Sylvia,i heard a calm voice call me,as i look up to see Emilia with Salvador,she was crying so hard


wait,isnt that thd necklance i gave my dauta




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