Phrases Men Commonly Use When They Are Deeply In Love With A Woman

The man wants to make his way into the life of the woman and he is ready to do whatever it takes to make it happen.

 "I will always be there for you

This phrase becomes common and is another way a man is telling the woman not to be worried about anything but give him a chance to be a part of her life. This phrase makes the woman to feel more attached to the man and even more secure.


2. "I think I love with you"

A Person doesn't just love you from the first day they meet you, that will be a total white lie and you shouldn't believe. A person is simply attracted to another and from there, the attraction can grow into something pure like love. If you have been in a relationship for sometime, then it makes sense for a person to say that they love you. When a man is in love with you and has been in a relationship for sometime with you, then it becomes clear that the man is genuine about his feelings.


3. "Baptize you with a nickname"

When the man is deeply into a woman, he will begin to avoid calling you by your real names because to them it sounds very awkward. The man will instead baptize you with other names just to express his admiration for the woman. You will begin hearing names like; my queen, my princess, my baby, sweetheart and other nice nicknames. When a man escalates from calling you by your official names and starts to address you by other names, it is to mean he is in love.


4. "You are gorgeous/ beautiful/cute"

This is a common phrase used by men when they are flirting with a woman. Sometimes it becomes difficult to know whether the man is just flirting or genuine in his words. This is a common phrase used by men when they are deeply in love and attracted to you. How genuine the statement is will depend on the duration of time that the two of you have been together. A man does this to give the woman confidence about herself.




5. "I miss you or am already missing you"

This is not a phrase used by men only when they have not seen you for sometime. They use it more often on the people that they love. Probably you've been together in the morning and before midday, he is already talking of how he has already missed you. The more a man falls in love with you, the more common the phrase becomes in their conversation.


6. "I will always be ready to help"

This is another common phrase when a man is in love with you. He is ready to sacrifice and to affirm the woman that he is ready to sacrifice. This phrase shows that the man is ready to commit into the relationship and sacrifice anything.


7. "Take good care of yourself"

This is a man's way of showing that he cares for the woman. He is concerned and does not want anything bad happening to you. He will always remind you to take good care of yourself especially when you're going somewhere alone or doing a heavy task that requires a lot of effort.



8. "I want to spend the rest of my life with you"

Before even a man proposes to a woman, this is how starts to prepare the way. The man will remind the woman of how he wants to spend his life with you.



One thing you should have to note however is that love is better expressed by actions rather than words. Words should be accompanied by actions to ascertain what is in the heart and so every woman should still be careful and no just be fooled by mere words.

Mueni Michelle

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