Love Someone.. Not Because,
They Give You What You
Need.. But, Because They
Give You Feelings You

Love Someone.. Not Because,
They Give You What You
Need.. But, Because They
Give You Feelings You
Never Thought You Needed.



He was shirtless and it made it easy for him to stitch up the place.

He groaned as It finally stitched up.

“Pass me the drink” he said fraily and I went over to the table and took the glass of black drink on it.

I walked back to him and handed It to him and he collected it and gulped it down with a crumpled look.

It was obvious it tasted bitter.

He stood up and gave the cup to me and I went to return it to the table.

I kept the cup back on the table and when I turned around, I saw him standing behind me – very close.


How did he…

I thought he was just by the bed a while ago?


My eyes twitched as I stared a them – shirtless.

He kept staring quietly at him.


“Why did you keep it hidden from me?” He asked lowly and I gulped nervously.


I knew he was talking about the baby.


I couldn’t say a word and just lowered my gaze to the floor.


I felt so scared…and shy.


I was pregnant for the king of hell. What was going to happen?


Hold on;

Could it be the reason Shantel had acted strangely when she touched my tummy the other night?


Oh, my! Could it be possible she knows about the baby already?


I was still thinking when I felt Damon hold my cheek.


He cupped my cheeks with both hands and lifted my face to look at his.


My lids fluttered as I stared into his eyes. Why’s he holding me this way?


He drew his face close and kissed me.


Oh, goodness!

This is happening again.


He kissed me – again – for the second time but I couldn’t reciprocate because I had no idea how to kiss.


His hands left my cheeks and went to the back of my waist, brushing them upwards.

I closed my eyes and couldn’t help but enjoy the kiss. Perhaps, there was nothing I could do.


Surprisingly, within the twinkle of an eye, we were on the bed.

Like, he just super sped to it.

How does he do it?


He unlocked from the kiss as he laid on top of me. He hid his face in my neck as he sent his hand under my dress.


His cold hand moving on my bare skin made me shiver and I shut my eyes and tried not to make a sound.


But, if he does this, wouldn’t it affect the baby?


I felt him touch my p**t and my eyes beamed.


I thought he was going to pull it out, but he brought out his hand and came to my zipper instead.




He pulled the zipper down and pulled the gown off my body, and next, he went for my p**t.

Finally, I was lying stark n**ed in front of him.


He came in between my legs and planted a soft kiss on my tummy.


He kept kissing downwards until he got to my public bone and I gasped and flung my eyes open immediately.


He noticed the look in my eyes and released a light smirk.



Then, he left there and came to my lips, giving me a gentle smooch.


I was lost in the kiss and didn’t realise when he started fingering me. I gasped immediately but couldn’t yelp as a result of the kiss. He made sure I didn’t unlock from it


After a while, he stopped the kiss and fingering and went ahead to unhook his belt.


I tried not to look as he took off his trouser and came in between my legs again.


“Do you want me to stop?” He spoke softly into my ears and my heart skipped.



I looked into his face and he was staring into my eyes.


Was he really giving me an option?


I gulped hard as my throat became sore.


What did I really want? Was he to stop?


Did I really want him to?


He sighed and kissed my ear lobe, giving it a little bite.


Then, he tried leaving me, but surprisingly, I held him back.


Yes, I did. And I seriously don’t know how I was able to do that.


I didn’t want him to go.

I didn’t want him to…stop.


He stared at me as I held his arm.


Then, he returned to his position and this time around, he s**ked from my b**bs.


He s**ked so roughly from them like an infant and I found myself holding his hair.

What is wrong with me?


I thought I never liked this?


Next, he inserted his hard c**k into me and I couldn’t stop myself from screaming.



I opened my eyes and found myself lying comfortably on the bed.


I looked around and discovered I was in Damon’s room.


Oh, my! I slept in his room after the…


Gosh, Roxanne.


But…normally, he’d have taken me to my room when I slept off. How come he left me here?

And where was he? Did he sleep here as well? Beside me?


I sat up and sighed. I was n**ed and was covered with the duvet which I held to my chest.


I recalled last night’s incidence and it made me bashful, even if I was the only one in the room.


What happened to me last night? Why couldn’t I resist s3x with Damon? I mean, he had given me an option. Why couldn’t I resist him?


Geez! It seems my feelings for him were becoming something else.

But what if it gets me into trouble? I mean, I don’t even know how he feels about me.


Although he kissed me, but…a kiss doesn’t necessarily mean he loves me.


Oh, mercies! I wish I could get some answers to kill my curiosity – even if it were just a little bit.


I covered my face in my palm and just then, the door to the bathroom opened with Damon coming out of it.




Oh! He was in the bathroom.


Oh, Roxanne!

Fire works.


I couldn’t face him.


He paused by the door for a second and proceeded to meet me at the bed.


“You’re awake” he said calmly as he sat on the edge of the bed.


I could feel my stomach rumbling.


“Um…good morning” I greeted nervously, looking down at the bed.


He stood up without saying a word and surprisingly, came to carry me on the bed.


I was shocked, but he did.


He carried me in his arms like a baby, making the duvet fall freely from my body.

What’s he doing?

I thought of asking him but couldn’t and he carried me into the bathroom.


He took me in and laid me in the bathtub which had already been filled with warm soapy water.


Hold on, did Damon prepare bath water for me?


I laid In the bath tub, surprised and was happy the soapy water was able to cover my n**ed body from him.


He sighed and sat on the edge of the tub.


“Is it warm enough?” He asked, giving a soft look into my eyes.


All I could do was nod. I was speechless.


He brought his hand to my face and used his fingers to brush the front part of my hair.


“Hurry up with the bath. We’ll be going out soon. I’ve got a surprise for you” he said tenderly and left.


To be continued…

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