Love Is Peace And Permanence,
Love Is Life And Death,
Knowledge Is The Rising Question,
Love Is The Hidden A

Love Is Peace And Permanence,
Love Is Life And Death,
Knowledge Is The Rising Question,
Love Is The Hidden Answer.

Lucifer’s Bride – Episode 23


(She’s mine)


A story by Faith Lucky


Rated ���






Roxanne’s POV


It was so dark.




I forced my eyes open and felt so much discomfort.


Where am I?




I tried to move but discovered my hands and legs were tied.




What’s going on?










I gasped as I suddenly recalled what had happened.


Zara…she tricked me and made Nicklaus adopt me.




Where am I?


What happened?




I strained my eyes but couldn’t see a thing in the room. It was just too dark and i was tied to a chair.




“Hello?” I called fearfully, but my voice came back to me in an echo.




The ropes were hurting a lot.


What is this?


How do I get out of here?




Suddenly, I heard the door open and the lights went on immediately.










He was the one coming in.




“Hello sleeping beauty” he smirked as he walked towards me.




Then, someone else showed up at the door, but didn’t come in.








It was Shantel!


The maid!




I…I don’t understand. What’s going on?




I could feel my heart thumping.


Fear gripped me.


What could they possibly have in mind?





Zara; Shantel, Nicklaus…I can’t believe they’re working together.




Nicklaus kept smiling as he got to where I was and squatted in front of me.




“How’re you feeling, huh?” He asked, but I was too blenched to say a word.




He brushed the front part of my hair and tucked it behind my ear.




“You’re one pretty lady, you know?” He said.



“No wonder even Lucifer couldn’t resist you. Well, I guess it’s time to know how much he really loves you.”




I stared at him, confused.


What’s he talking about? What does he mean ‘know how much he really loves me?’




Damon doesn’t love me – not even a single bit. So, what’s he talking about?




Damon’s Pov


I relaxed on the couch with a glass of drink in my hand as I stared at the bloated guards in front of me.


They were all drenched in fear.




“So…you’re tryna tell me she just vanished?” I asked and took a sip from my glass.




“We…We really have no idea sir…”




“I do.” One of them suddenly cut in.


“I had seen her leaving with Zara. But I have no idea where they went. I swear”.




I stared at the drink in my hand.




He was telling the truth.




So, where was Roxanne? Where did Zara take her to?




I just returned from the office and surprisingly, I couldn’t find her.her at home. Zara was not at home either.




So, where’re they?




I scoffed and drank from my glass.


My guess had better been wrong.




My phone awakened with a ring and I checked to see it was a strange caller.




I hesitated a little before picking up.




“Hey Lu; how’re you chilling?” The caller said and I knew who it was at once.






I drank from my glass and didn’t say a word.




“Come on, Lucifer; don’t keep me quiet. Aren’t you missing our Roxanne?” He asked and chuckled, but I still didn’t say a word.




I sensed it already.




“She asked me to say hi” he said and chuckled again.




“Where’s she?” I asked and drank from my glass.




“Awwn! You really wanna know? I’m sorry, but it’s gotta come with a price” he replied.




I stood up and walked levelly to face the window.




“Nicklaus; if a strand of hair on her head is hurt, I’ll cut off your fingers and make you eat them” I said and he laughed.




“That is…If you’d be alive to carry out that threat” he replied and paused.




“If you really want Roxanne to be safe and free, sacrifice your life for hers. I want you to cause your own death, Lucifer.


Do it and save Roxanne” he blurted.




My eyes dilated and I didn’t realise when I crushed the glass in my hand.






“You have until night fall to do so” he added and ended the call.








To be continued…

Wesley Bosire

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