She doesn’t want to take any responsibility.

If there’s only one thing women could wish for in a man, it would be the ability to LEAD HER. She doesn’t want to take any responsibility. Not for leading the interaction, for choosing the location, or where the relationship is heading. Become a Leader, and she will follow.

Loving ❤️




?a nanny for Mia ?


✍️by authoress Lenity Faithful ✍️


©️ Spark's libary ?


? Episode 33 ?


" constancia" 



❤️ Alexander's pov ❤️


"Emma wait " I said but she already ran outta the kitchen. I can't believe I kissed her before telling her how I feel about her. I ran my fingers in my hair frustratedly. I need to talk to someone. who should I call ? Morris ? no no he'll tease me to death, vee ? that's not even an option, my mother will hear of it. I can't even imagine what would happen if she does maybe I'll wait till tommorow . I still need to apologise to Mia. I walked back to my room and kept tossing and turning till the morning. 






I stood up and went into the washroom to take my bath then headed straight to Mia's room. 


" go away" she said combing her dolls hair. " baby please hear daddy out" I said and she looked away. this is the first time my daughter is acting this way with me, she's always quick to forgive, guess I took her for granted because of that. I knelt in front of her and pulled my ears . " baby ...." I said and she looked at me with tears in her eyes. " daddy is so sorry I promise it will never happen again,you can give me a punishment if you want" I said and she gave me a devilish look ?


hope I'm safe.


that instant blue strolled inside majestically like he owned the room. " blue " Mia squiled and hugged him with her chubby hands it walked passed me and twerked at his face before looking back at me. 


? annoying dog .


" daddy stop glaring daggers at my friend like that you're being mean" Mia commanded and I forced her smile.


is she being serious ? now I have to pretend I'm happy with blue around Alex has suffered. " I have two conditions then maybe, I'll forgive you daddy" she said.


" okay princess I'm all ears" I said and she smiled. " you have to be friends with blue" she said. 


" what ? I looked at her in shock then turned to blue who looked at me then Mia . 


this is the hardest task in my life" baby have you seen your nanny ? I asked and she gave a nod . 


" she's outside with Loli and Lola. 




❤️ Emma's POV ❤️


" good morning Papa phillipe mama Ingrid" I greeted the couples and walked towards Loli and Lola. " babe what's up ? didn't see you during breakfast, seems like you where hiding from someone" Loli said and I froze immediately and started avoiding eye contact. 


" what" I said and they chuckled.


" Emma do you think we were joking when we called you the queen of innocence ? you can't even tell a lie properly, so come out with it, did you and the boss finally do the deed ? she asked teasingly and I blushed red.


" what noooo" I said and they gave me suspicious looks. " come out with it girl something definitely happened,did you guys kiss ? Lola asked teasingly and I blushed Reder.


" awwwwww" they cooed teasingly and immediately stopped. " good morning sir " they said and I froze . " Loli Lola can you escuse us for a minute" he said and they both gave me teasing looks before sprinting away. 


" sir I have to go" I said and he held my hand. " your not leaving until we talk" he said and I couldn't even look him in the eye. 


" Lexy " someone called in a loud slutty voice and I turned. a beautiful rich classy woman walking towards us in a red dress and silitoes heels. 


" constancia" sir said in shock and she smiled. " hey " she said and kissed his cheek seductively. they both seem comfortable around each other. 


" who is she ? she asked staring at me with disgust like I was some kind of worthless piece of trash. " Lexy who is she ? she asked pointing at me with her long preety artificial nails. 


" she's huh Emma Mia's nanny" he said and my heart hurt" I stared at him in the eye , he tried holding me back buh I pulled my hands from his grip. he doesn't even know what he wants from me. how wrong everyone was thinking he had a thing for me,he sees me as a nanny for Mia and nothing else. " Lexy I've missed you..." she said touching him playfully and I walked away. 



I walked into my room and tears kept rolling down my eyes. why am I even crying ? it's not like he's my boyfriend or something I'm just being childish.



" Emma" someone called and hugged me from behind. I quickly wiped my tears and turned. " ma'am leah" I said and she frowned." hey what's with the face ? she asked and I shook my head. " it's nothing..." I said and she gave a nod. " I'll let it slide for now, I'm just wondering what constancia is doing here, that girl is up to no good" she said and I'm sure she's referring to miss long nails. " c'mon let's go out,you look sad lemme cheer you up" she said excitedly. " ma'am leah I have to take care of Mia " I said and she rolled her eyes. " cheel girl I've talked to Mia,besides we won't be taking long, and just so you know,the next time you call me maam Leah, we're gonna fight. " she said and I chuckled.



❤️ Alexander's pov ❤️


" constancia what are you doing here ? you didn't tell me you were coming " I said and she smiled. " hey I wanted to surprise you" she said and I looked away. constancia pierce is Diana's stepsister, she's been into me for years even when Diana was alive and it was and still is very disgusting, and with Diana dead she thinks it's our chance to be together. she's a model and serial actress,she was in Miami for 6 months for a movie shoot. it's surprising that she's back and even decided to come back now. I thought and sighed in frustration. 


" Lexy let's go have lunch together it's been long" she squiled. " ?who am I seeing ? Morris said coming in with vee behind. my besties are such life savers. 


" hey Morris hi vee " she said in fake sweetness. " it's Morrison and vida for you constancia,I don't familiarize I with fake Barbie dolls" vee mocked and they glared at each other. 


" sir I'm going out with ma'am leah I won't take long" Emma said and my heart hurt seeing she wasn't even smiling at me. " hi sir Morrison and ma'am vida" she said and vee smiled. " c'mon Emma,you can call me vee and him Morris " vee said and constancia glared daggers at Emma. " we'll get going now big bro " Leah said and left with Emma. " Lexy ..." constancia said and held my hand buh vee came in between and removed my hand from her grip. 


" constancia pierce, Alexander north is not free today tommorow or the day after we have something important to take care of. by the way didn't you just arrived from Miami ? you need rest , go home and get some beauty sleep , no wonder your looking so ugly and desperate" vida said with fake sweetness and constancia glared daggers at her, she angrily picked her bag and forced a smile at her. " you better watch your back vida " she said dangerously and catwalked outta the mansion. 


" alexbgo straight to the point and tell me what constancia bitch was doing here before I fucking loose my mind" vida said angrily and Morris was rubbing her shoulders to calm her down. " I don't know okay, she just showed up when I was tryna talk to Emma about the kiss" I blurted out. " whatt " they both screamed. 


" you kissed her ? no wonder there was a lot of tension between you guys, did you tell her why ? Morris asked and I shook my head . 


" no constancia arrived that moment, and I think I might've hurt Emma's feelings" I said and told them everything. 


" Xander seriously ? you couldn't even introduce her as your friend after kissing her ? and you won't believe me now if I say you don't have sense right ? Morris said and vee rolled her eyes. " see who's talking don't lemme open your own case file" vee said and I chuckled.



" Xander don't you dare chuckle. you kissed Emma last night , and if she hasn't run ,you would have seduced her to your bed and fucking shifted her womb. but you go ahead in introduce her as your friend" vee snapped. and Morris burst out laughing so hard.


" it's the shifted her womb for me love " Morris said laughing. " vee it's not like that,I ..." I was saying buh she caught me shut. " you better talk to her when she comes back before constancia virus start spreading her germs up and down" vee said and I burst out laughing. I thought Stephanie hated constancia buh vee is a whole new level.



❤️ Emma's POV ❤️


" wow this penthouse is beautiful" I said as we walked in. " it's Stephanie's ma'am leah said and I froze. " whatttt" I panicked. " hey cheel bshe doesn't bite " ma'am leah said and pulled me with her towards the pool. " hi sis " she greeted ma'am Stephanie who just walked outta the pool in a swim suit so sexy , showing off both her butt cheeks, her skin glowing like moon light. showing off her red rose tatoo . a maid immediately rushed and covered her with Robe buh she refused to tie it. I washed as she wore her silver fancy slippers, I saw her gold leg chain. " hi girls have a sit" she said and lit a cigarette, as he took a puff and I immediately started coughing badly. 


she looked at me for a moment and immediately put of the cigar . " Stephie" ma'am leah said suprised she put it off because of me. " well if I don't, Emma would die of suffocation, because she's afraid to tell me she's allergic" she said and I looked away shyly. 


" sis guess who I saw at xanders ? Leah asked. " lemme guess constancia bitch ? I saw it on the internet" ma'am Stephanie said. " ya I guess and she already got to Emma " ma'am leah said. 


" whattt no she's not the reason I'm sad, it's because of Mr Alexander . he keeps confusing me, one moment he's my best ,then he goes around being sweet , he's claiming me in front of my ex , flirting kissing me ,then we both go back to boss and employee level" I said. 


" wait u guys kissed ? Leah asked. " ma'am leah is that all you heard ? I asked and ma'am Stephanie Chuckled. 


I explained everything to them . " Emma I think he didn't wanna say anything about feelings in front of that woman" ma'am Stephanie said and I looked at her. " one advise, don't let constancia Bully you when she starts it only gets worse " she announced. 



? constancia's POV ?


" how dare vida " I said angrily as I catwalked into our mansion, Ive just been outta the country for 6 months and she talks to me infront of Alex like that ? I thought as I removed my heels. Alexander is mine , everyone knows that, even my good for nothing sister learnt that the hard way. and that new nanny of Mia better stay away from my man because I'll rather die than let some worthless classless poor bitch take what's mine " I said angrily.



❤️ Emma's POV ❤️


ma'am Stephanie dropped me off at the mansion and I said goodbye to her. it's fun to get to know her better, and cute the way she tries to hide her bad habits from me. I just found out she's a year older than Mr Alexander. " ouch " I said when I bumped into someone. I looked up and it was Mr Alexander" can't you watch where you're going sir ? I scolded while rubbing my forehead.

" say sorry " I said and he gave me an escuse me look.


" Emma remember when you bumped into me and nearly roasted me to death with hot boiling coffee ? he asked me and I frowned. " okay " I said and tried leaving but he held my hand. " okay sorry " he said and I turned.


" I've heard you sirrrrr " I said stressing on the sir part and he frowned. " Emma I thought we've passed this level ? he asked and I chuckled. " passed which level ? I asked getting on his nerves. " you called me Alex last night while we were making out" he said and I blushed red making him laugh. " ohbso you're trying to frustrate me on purpose ? he asked and I frowned " frustrate you ? sir no o ,is it not your fault ? you didn't say anything after the kiss " I blamed .


" oh seriously Emma, you're gonna blame me ? you ran away after the kiss " he said and my jaw drop.


" well it's because you tried to shift my panties" I said and ??? Jesus did I just say that ? ???


????I covered my face as sir burst out laughing, he laughed so hard tears where rolling outta his eyes. 


" okay buh I'm not sorry for trying to shift your panties though" I said and I blushed. " I know you might be wondering why I kissed you last night , Emma it's because I huh...I have feelings for you, I like you sooo much , I won't say I love you already because I'm still in the process , buh I won't you to please give us a chance , give me a chance to be your boyfriend " he said and I stared at him wide-eyed.


" sir ..." I said shocked


" I'm serious" he said and I blushed. " sir...I like you too buh I'm not the type to just say yes immediately a guy asks me out I..." I was saying buh he placed his fingers on my lips.


" I get it love , there's no rushing a , just don't keep me waiting I'm a very impatient man " he said and I chuckled. he kissed my cheeks lovingly . " guess we're doing this one step at a time" I said to myself.




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