Hanging around a woman without telling her what you want is being a dumb orbiter.


Hanging around a woman without telling her what you want is being a dumb orbiter.

Don't waste her time. - She is also racing against time.

Tell her what you want.

Be blunt and bold.

Don't be a coward!


The Wanted Virgin?

      (First to sleep with her)?


       By Authoress popcorn ?✍️


Genre: Romance/complicated❣️


              ? Chapter thirty-nine?


Irene didn't bother about what just happened. She was still thinking about what she imagined in Garrett's room.


She walked to the kitchen and ate a little. 

She was tired of eating and decided to take a walk round the palace.


Her eyes beamed when she saw Frederick coming out of the car.

He was not alone.


A lady came out from the other side of the car smiling.

She was very beautiful and sexy.


"Hmm" Irene folded his arms when she saw Fredrick wrapped his arms around her neck.


They walked towards Irene who was standing by the door.

Fredrick smile vanished when he saw Irene.


"Welcome" Irene bowed.


"Oh hey, grab my bag and get me a glass of water" the lady said proudly. 


Irene diverted her gaze to Frederick.


"Diva, go in already. I'll come meet you" 


"But.. my bag and water?" 


"Just go in!!" He almost yelled at Diva.


She frowned and left.


Irene smiled and watched her as she climbed the stairs.


"I'm sorry about her behavior. She.."


"Why should you apologise? I'm just a maid here."


"You aren't just a maid here" Fredrick held her cheek and brought his face closer to hers.


Irene shot her eyes wide open.

She slowly took his hands off her face.


"Diva must be waiting for you. I'll bring the water to your room" Irene said and left.


Fredrick sighed and went to his room.



"You need to see the look on her face. She actually thought I was really sorry"

Rachel confessed laughing.


Stephanie joined her in laughing.

"Well, I hope our plan goes well. The next step is to buy her gifts. And I know just what to do" 



Irene entered into the room and saw Diva on the bed, playing with Fredrick.

He stopped immediately he saw Irene.


"Ohh, the maid is here with my water. Bring it here" Diva sat up.


Irene slowly walked towards her and gave her the cup.

Diva took the cup and sipped from it.


She quickly splashed the water on Irene.

"Are you crazy? I wanted chilled water. What the fuck is this?" 


"What is your problem Diva? Why did you splash the water on her?" Fredrick yelled at her.


"Wait? Are you yelling at me because of a maid?" 


Irene stood there quietly.


"She is the reason why we are back together!!" Fredrick yelled.


"My prince.."


"You have to them choose. Me or she" Diva eyed Irene and left the room.


"Diva! Diva!"


Irene also turned to leave the room.

Fredrick pulled her back.

"Are you okay Irene?"


"You should go after her" Irene said slowly.


"Irene, I don't care about her"


"Fredrick, listen to me. I apologise for calling my your name. Diva is the one you love. Not me. Please follow her" 

Irene said and left the room.


Fredrick frowned and ran after Diva. She saw her standing beside the car.



"Oh, I see you came for me" she said and folded her arms.


"Stop it Diva. Why are you acting like that?" 


She walked towards Fredrick and wrapped her arms around his neck.

"I'm just practicing how to become a queen" 


Fredrick laughed.

"Queen? I haven't even proposed to you" 


"Aren't you going to?" She whispered.


"Diva? You ran away from me years ago. Now, you are back just to get married to me" 


"Why do you ask?" 


"Hey driver!!" Fredrick yelled.


"Yes my prince" the driver ran to him.


"Drop this lady wherever she wants you to" Fredrick said and left her.


Diva opened her mouth in shock.

"Fredrick! Fredrick!" 



Irene picked up the kids after school.

She made them lunch.

After they ate, they read their books and slept off.


She was still getting over the shock that Diva actually slashed water over her.


"Hey Irene" 

She heard a familiar voice. 

She turned and saw Rachel standing opposite her, smiling.

Irene found her new behavior weird.


Her shifts was over already, that's why she could move around.


"Hey princess Rachel" Irene greeted and turned to leave.


"I got you something" Rachel brought out something from her back.


"What's that?" Irene asked.


"I bought a dress for you. Have it. It was too much so I decided to give you some" 


"Ohh, thanks but it isn't necessary" 


"If it's not, that means Rachel's kindness is just for nothing" 


Irene turned and saw Stephanie.


"I'm not... Fine, I'll take that. Thank you" Irene said and left.


"I hope you like them" Rachel yelled as she saw Irene walking towards her room.


"She doesn't know what's coming for her. Let's go to the club and get the boys" 


"Yeah, the boys. Let's go get them"






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