The Communication Language In Restaurants That You Probably Don't Know

Like any other place, there is a language of communications even in restaurants and you can simply communicate to the person in charge without necessary talking.

After eating in a restaurants, the waiter or the attendant can simply look at the way you have placed the spoon and the fork in your plate and no what you want. If you want more food, there is a way to do it, if you are full and don't need no more food, there is a way you can pass the message across without even opening your mouth.



 We are going to look at the communication language in restaurants that you actually have to know and might me of help to you in the future in one way or another. Take a look at these communication methods;


1. I am not done

Anytime your fork and knife are placed in this manner with the tips touching each other, the message you are trying to pass across is that you are not yet done with the food that you are eating. If you just place it in any other angle, the attendant will think you are done and probably you are still eating.


2. When you say you have finished eating

When the knife and spoon are placed at a parallel position, the message you are communicating is that you have finished eating and it's even okay for them to even come and take the plates aways.


3. When you need more food

Probably the meal has-been so sweet and you need more of it. The fork and the knife have to intersect and form a plus like this.


4. When the meal was a good one

When you had a wonderful meal and you loved it. It is better to give feedback and tell the attendants that you really loved the meal. When the knife and fork are in a parallel manner across the plate, then the massage you are passing is That you enjoyed your meal.


5. When the meal was not good one

Again if you never got enjoy the meal, you are still able to give an honest review so that they can improve on it. Just use the fork and the spoon to form a letter V That is inverted with the tips touching each other.

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