Beyond limit

This is a motivation article,to keep the youths moving despite the challenges they may come across

There is nothing you can't achieve in life but you must know what the price is.No river can be blocked permanently,No matter what,you do it rises to the level of blockage and it overflows.


This is how human nature is built!You give it a challenge,inspire it to conguer the challenge and it rises above the challenge!


If we are visioned in moving ahead beyond our limitations,then firstly we have to know whom we are.This is by asking ourselves where we are now,our past and were we are heading to.This will help us to track our progress and each time we don't see any step in our life then we have to question ouselve.


Moving beyond limits requires us analyzing ourselves and drawing conclusions.Before doing anything,just ask yourself how is this benefitial to me?if its drawbacks are more than benefits then why risk ourselves doing it?


life is like a bank account,the more you invest now the more you will get in future.Move out of your comfort zones and do something .Do what you think its like investing for your future.Don't relax before you invest otherwise your future account will have nothing!!


Nothing is impossible in a willing heart.This should be your slogan if you are in need of moving beyond your limits.Believe in yourselve and use the little power you have.Try everything in life.Be a risk taker and in whatever you do trustin your little power.


Be visioned dream bigger and have objectives,you want to move beyond limits,then to which level?What are you moving for? Are you visioned.If yes do you believe in your visions?.Work toward achieving your goals and visions as dreaming without acting its like planting in a dry season..Write your visions and dreams down,start pursuing them and track your progress.Each day ask yourselve where ama i today? am i in the right track and level?if yes take another step and move toward achieving the best.


Of all give your plans to God and they will be established!Commit your ways unto the LORD,trust in HIM and HE will surely act .


George Muema

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