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"I Can’t Compete With Someone I Can’t Replace” Karen Nyamu Gives Up On Being Samidoh’s Wife

Karen Nyamu wife toKikuyu musician has publicly admitted that she is contented with being Samidoh’s ‘baby mama’ as she can’t compete with his first wife Edith Nderitu.


Nyamu and Samidoh were blessed with their first child together on December 5th 2020 when she gave birth to a bouncing baby boy named Sam Jnr.


The two had a strenuous illicit affair that Nyamu only made public early this year after she clashed with Samidoh who later apologized and reconciled with his wife.


The lawyer-cum-politician is currently pregnant again with Samidoh’s child. No one expected her to be knocked up again by Samidoh as their relationship had gone south as occasioned by constant push and pull.


Nyamu opened up about her relationship with Samidoh while speaking during an interview with YouTuber Mungai Eve.


The mother of two said that Samidoh and her are ‘great friends’ and that they love their child so much.


Nyamu claimed that she is contented with just being Samidoh’s baby mama as she realized she couldn’t replace his wife Edith.


“We are not in competition my friend. You cannot compete with someone you cannot replace take that noted. Huyo ni first lady, mama yao. Even if something happens to her, God forbid, I can still not replace her and I mean my words. That is someone I admire and respect as a mother and wife,” said Nyamu.

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