These are mistake men make After Break-up which Keeps them Single.

Three Mistakes Men Make After Break-up which Keeps them Single and to these things to avoid them .


Guys, nothing hurts like realizing that you are once again, alone and that the relationship you had, no longer works.

It is more painful to realize that you can never talk again with your partner. All these worries and memories makes you Stressed and to some extent, you might get depressed.

But again, it is high time you realize that you need to time to figure out your life in a better way.

Sometimes being alone makes you a better

person than who you were yesterday. Now, no matter how lonely you may feel when you are out of a relationship, never make the following mistakes.

We assure you that making these mistakes makes you even more weaker than expected. Just make sure you don't make these mistakes.

Most so, if you want to be more comfortable after a breakup, making these mistakes is so much forbidden.

1. Frequent Calling or texting.

Guys, it is better to realize that, when a relationship is no longer active, everyone is expected to figure out their own lives.

Again, we have said that no matter how depressed you are, never let her know what you are going through.

Just go missing and avoid texting or calling her. It won't change anything now that you chose to part ways.

We assure you that doing this makes her more proud and she won't see sense in replying to your texts simply because she wants you suffer the heartbreak.

Again, it only make her think that you still cannot do without her, which makes her even more stubborn.

So, as the first warning, never text or call her no matter how broke or alone you may feel deep inside. Just don't do that.

2. Apologizing for a her mistakes.

Try to look into it, what made the two of you part ways? Always there is one person who was on the wrong and decided not to accept his or her mistake.

This made it difficult to understand each other which In the end led to you two parting ways. Now, let's assume she was the one on the Wrong,

The least thing expected of you is to say sorry for her mistake, never do that. Just avoid carrying her own mistakes.

Let her learn to say sorry when she is wrong. It is true you love her, but simply avoid apologizing for her mistake. It makes you look weak in her face.

3. Talking about your issues with other people.

Guys, it is high time you realize that the issues you have in the relationship should always be between the two of you.

Talking about it with other people may not change anything because in the end, it is still the two of you are required to come up with a good understanding.

Never tell even your closest friends that you have broken up or if not yet, never tell them the issues you have in the relationship.

Scientists say that telling people your problem does not help you solve it because, 30 percent simply do not care and 70 percent of them are glad that you are suffering.

In that case, be careful when talking to your friends, keep your private issues as private as possible and learn to solve them on your own.



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