Marry the right partner and don't marry for other things other than love.

He is tall, handsome, cute, lovely. Can I marry him?

He loves me, I love him too. Can I marry him?

His intelligence is not of this world. Can I marry him?

He gets gifts for me, and my siblings, including my parents too. Can I marry him?

He has a good job, a neatly well-paid job. Can I marry him?

He has built his apartments, well furnished with luxury Cars in his compound. Can I marry him?

My family including my other relatives had accepted him to be my husband. Can I marry him?

I have discovered that he has a sense of taking good care of anyone who will be lucky to be his wife. Can I marry him?

These above questions are rightly from a sister, a devoted Christian lady.


"Sister!" Please come closer. You see anyone, I mean any lady who is not born again or have the full knowledge of her identity in Christ can go for the above-mentioned reasons to choose a life partner. She can go for the physical beauty or handsomeness of a man.


But for you, as a child of God. Choosing a life partner should not be based on just physical appearances alone.


I believe everyone has the taste and spec of who they have desired in mind to spend the rest of their life with. I even heard some sister said, it's either pink lip guy or no other person, well! That's fine too, but it will be a sorry case if all that you crave is just the earthly things.


I watched a video on Facebook recently where Pastor P.Daniel and his beautiful wife was dancing. one can tell from their expressions how lucky they both are to become husband and wife.That is because they both are the will of God for each other as partners.


They didn't miss it years ago in choosing each other as partners.

I know someone might ask, does that mean I can't marry anyone I desire or love? That's not the point here, the point is that marrying the will of God as a Christian sister should be your utmost priority!

●Someone who will train you to fulfil your God's given purpose.

● Someone who will not only love you but love your heavenly father.

●Someone who has a future, even if there is nothing to show off today, you are confident in his future of what he can become, go and ask mummy Gloria Bamiloye.

● Someone you are confident in that when you tied the knot, your unborn children will be blessed to have you as parents.

●And finally, someone, you know your existence with him will be a trouble to the kingdom of darkness.


The handsomeness and intelligence of that man you see today will fade away my dear sister, what will remain?

1 John 2:16

For all that is in the world, the lust of the flesh, and the lust of the eyes, and the pride of life, is not of the Father but is of the world.

Sister! Please seek God's will before you take that step on who to marry.


Don't choose based on sight, choose by faith in Christ, be prayerful, remember your marriage partner has a great role to play in your journey on earth!


"A wrong marriage partner is a mini hell on earth"

Do not ruin your future because of what is seen now which will fade away tomorrow.


Remember other destinies are tied to your marriage.

What would be the hope of your unborn children after the knot is tied?


Remember marriage is "for better for worse till death do you part", and God is against Divorce.

Finally! "Sister!", not all that glitters is gold.

Do not be desperate to say "Yes I do"
Wait patiently upon your maker for His will and permission before you say yes, remember only Him knows the end from the beginning.

Do not rush in, so that you won't rush out.


Use your singleness wisely, invest in yourself, be chasing your dreams, be a purpose-driven woman.


I pray for every single sister out there, you will not marry wrong in Jesus name Amen.

God bless you!!

Everlyne Onami

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