Either way of giving birth is a blessing from God


The devil will stop at nothing than to inflict you with fear so that he can hinder your strength. The Bible says that "our children will fight the enemies at the gate." How will they fight the enemies when they've actually been hindered from coming forth due to fear of having them through cesarean section and fear of being mocked by fellow woman and perhaps by our spouses for not been able to bring forth via the vagina.


The king engaged the midwives so that he could hinder the Israelites from having seeds that will fight and resist the oppression that they had put them into. He knew giants will arise from them and the only way he could stop them was to engage the midwives because of the significant roles that they had to play during the process of birth.


God has stationed the gynaecologist and midwives for our benefits. He is all knowing and powerful and will use any means to bring His plans and purpose for our life into fulfilment and that includes child birth.


It's time we break out of the box that the society has confined us into and take decisive steps against maternal and infant mortality during childbirth.


I have heard a lot of women making comments like "my mother did not give birth to me via CS, I can never go through it." Think for a moment.
Are you your mother?
Do you have the same body make up like her?
Is your destiny engraved in hers?

I'm not disputing the place of faith in our journey. Faith works with wisdom and not in ignorance.


Have you thought about what the same society will actually say when you end up losing your life or the seed you're carrying. The same society will tag you as being foolish and daft without a second thought.


It's time we stop the stigmatization against women that deliver via cesarean section. They are not weak, they are as strong as every other woman and even more stronger than those that deliver via the vagina.


Remember, this women were under the watch of midwives duly recognized by the king. That's to say they attended their ante natal classes as well as paid attention to every instructions given by the midwives as recognized in the scripture.


They were not stubborn. They never insisted on having their way, they have been in a covenant with God, and they understood how far God had loved them and the mighty wonders they'll enjoy, yet they did not dispute the input of the midwives.


There is no award for putting to birth via the vagina.
There's no difference between children born via cesarean section and those that came through the vagina. They both have equal opportunity to make impact in the society.


The joy of beholding your baby smiling on your palms, suckling and making whispers that can only be understood by angels should be enough motivation to accept the birth process that presents itself before you.


Advise pregnant women rightly. Don't push them to their early grave by making them see cesarean section as a death sentence and doctor's means of making money.


When the Bible actually talked about the deliverance of the Hebrew women what did it entail?

?️ A woman that registered for ante natal in a recognized health care facility.

?️ A woman that honours her regular antenatal visits.

?️A woman that pays attention to her meal.

?️A woman that obeys and adhere to instructions given by her health care provider.

?️ A woman that discuss her concerns with her health care provider and not friends on social media.

?️A woman that avoids discussions that will breed fear in her.

?️A woman that meditates on scriptures that has to do with pregnancy and claim God's promises for her life and baby.

?️Most importantly, a woman that prays. Exercise faith in God. The place of God can not be ignored, let Him order and guide your footsteps.



It is an intervention plan and if your situation requires this, go through it with faith in God to come out strong.

Everlyne Onami

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