Truth about life that we easily forget

Maybe We Forgot That...
Two guys were given an assignment from a Philosophy class. They went to a wise man and inquired, sage tell us, what have this generation forgot?
The wise man sighed and started;


1. Maybe we forgot that
If you want a lady who is an angel you must create heaven on earth for her because Angels don't live in hell


2. Maybe we forgot that if you want a marriageable material, then you must be a good tailor yourself because some good materials can be destroyed by bad tailors.


3. Maybe we forgot that
The relationship between fish water should make us believe that betrayal is real,
when you see water participating in the cooking the fish.


4. Maybe We Forgot that
The saddest reality in life is that, the people who advocate for war, don’t die, it’s the poor people and the innocent that does.


5. Maybe we forgot that
The Bad aspect of Western life. This days Girls are operating Mobile phone more than spending time in the kitchen and ending up been a single parent because husbands can not enjoy good food.


6. Maybe we forgot that
We live in a generation where people in love are free to touch each others private part but are not allowed to touch each others phone. We are a confused generation.


7. Maybe we forgot that
Women, children and dogs are loved unconditionally but a man is only loved on condition that he provides something.
Sad reality.


8. Maybe we forgot that,
Rivers don't drink themselves but only humans do. The sun shines not for itself but for others.
Yet we forgot that living for each other should be the way of life.

Don't you think we have forgot many basic things as a generation today?

Which of the above seems so true?

Everlyne Onami

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