Fashion Styles That Make you Old

Did you knew that the way you dress sometimes make you look old? Yes they does.

Some people are you but they have no idea that they are dressing like grandmothers and grandfathers. The way you dress speaks a lot of who you are even before you utter a word. Here are some dressing codes that will leave people guessing your age.


Wearing jeans that are stretched out

Wearing jeans that seems like dinosaurs means that they look baggy on your body and they'll make you seem older than your age. To improve your outlook, choose the ones that are ultra-rigid stretchy and super stretchy.


Wearing ill fitting bras

For ladies, don't wear a bra that is too big or the one that is very tight. Choose the medium ones that will fit well with your boobs so as to avoid sagging breasts or uncomfortable tight sensation in your chest tissues.


Wearing Old Clothes

If possible, always check out your wardrobe and look for a way you can dispose off your old linens. This will prevent you from wearing clothes that are out of fashion which could probably make you look old once you wear them.


Wearing dull clothes

Wearing dull clothes like black each an every moment makes you look dull too. At least, once you've decided to wear black, mix it with the white dress so that you can at least look decent. Pairing black and the blues will make you young and fashionable. In other words, don't develop a habit of wearing dull cloths.


Wearing outdated eye-glasses

Outdated eye-glasses will probably make your face appear old too. Once you decide to wear eye glasses, try to check the ones that will not make you appear older than your age. 

Wearing tight clothes will expose your underwear line

It is not a new sight whenever we go out that you'll find most people and especially ladies wearing tight pants that exposes their underwear line. Dressing this way will not only make you uncomfortable but will also affect your butt tissues overtime. Body tissues should be taken care of in order to make our body decent and healthy

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