5 Questions Most Ladies Might Ask When They Admire a Guy.

By kyeyune Geofrey

When she asks questions concerning your philosophy or idea concerning marriage and family.


By kyeyune Geofrey


It doesn’t take rocket science to decipher if a lady likes a guy or not, as her intentions are clearly demonstrated in her gestures, attitude, the kind of questions she asks, facial expression and other relative factors.


Speaking of questions as one of the channels in which a lady can express her feeling of admiration, in this article; we shall be looking at 5 common questions most ladies ask when they are emotionally drawn or attracted to a guy. See them below.


1. She would ask questions related to your romantic life and relationship.

This is one question most ladies ask, most especially when they are trying to measure their chances of winning a guy’s interest or going into a relationship with him. Although, most ladies do not directly ask the question for the fear of being perceived to be cheap or desperate, rather; they conform to indirect means to asking questions of this magnitude. For instance, a lady who is trying to hide her relationship intention might make statements like; “your girlfriend must be proud of you” – when you both are in a friendly conversation. You might also hear questions like, “hope your girlfriend wouldn’t come and fight me because I’m talking with you?”. When she asks questions of this sort, it is definitely a pointer that she likes you and wants to be sure about your relationship status.


2. When she asks questions concerning your philosophy or idea concerning marriage and family.

Although, so many reasons can prompt this sort of question from a lady, however; research has shown that most of the ladies who ask this question most likely have the intention of going into something serious with a guy. The rationale behind this question is usually aimed at measuring or ascertaining a guy’s prospect regarding the issue of marriage and his sense of maturity.


3. When she asks questions related to your future ambition or goals.

This is quite similar to the previous point in terms of her quest for ascertaining your level of manliness and maturity. A lady who virtualizes a future with you will be most likely interested in your goals and future aspirations than any other lady around you. The reason for this is to check if your future prospect matches with hers.


4. When She asks you questions that pertain to your thought concerning her.

When she asks you questions like; “what do you think about me?”, “do you see me as a wife material?”, “would you marry me if you had the chance?”, “do you think I am beautiful?” and so on. When she brings questions of this kind to you, it is a clue she has something emotional with you, and equally hope you figure it out and make the necessary moves towards her.


5. When she asks personal questions about your wellbeing.

This can be expressed in questions like; “have you eaten?”, “How was your day?”, “hope you are healthy and sound?” and other welfare gestures you can think of. The reason for this question can be associated with the fact that she is emotionally attached to you and wants you to be aware of it.


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