FLOKI falls under the purview of the U.K. Advertising Authority.



The Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) of the United Kingdom is cautiously looking into all crypto-based adverts, including Floki Inu. There have been various adverts reported on the public transports in London to which the Floki team has quickly responded. FLOKI determined this as merely an attack from the lawmakers.

The FLOKI token was reportedly inspired by the renowned dog coin Shiba Inu that has been trending for a while. The coin has a huge following on Twitter as well and has risen by more than 147% in October.

The officials of the coin have come ahead to clear out the air on the allegations. Floki Inu clearly stated:

“The FLOKI advertisements placed through Transport for London followed due process and were legally cleared before they went live.”

The London lawmakers seem to have an issue with the project, citing little knowledge of the creators.

Floki Inu responded to this by saying that their decision of not predominantly featuring team members on the website was made with an intention to clear that the coin is PEOPLE’s crypto and was rather a movement focused on them. 

The officials added that the attack by lawmakers against their ads is unwarranted. They believe that the pushback is certainly by a political party to attack crypto and people’s freedom of choice. They find it a clear attempt at censorship.

However, the lead developer of the coin Jackie Xu is pretty popular on social media and well regarded in the industry. He has also worked on the Vyper project alongside Ethereum creator Vitalik Buterin.”

Floki questions the actions of lawmakers

Floki added that crypto is not illegal in the U.K., and more than 2.3 million citizens hold some or other digital assets. The officials questioned the actions of lawmakers allowing nudity and other inappropriate adverts but being against crypto. They stated:

“Ads that make women feel shameful about their bodies, as well as ads about Viagra and junk food, are allowed to run freely on the Tube….” 

The crypto has been involved in charitable deeds for quite some time. It recently donated all the money raised in an NFT sale worth $1.4 million to charity. It is also working with Pencils to Promise to construct schools in different regions of the world, including Africa.

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